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3 Steps Displaying Security Warning Signs

//3 Steps Displaying Security Warning Signs

Security Warning Sign With the holidays fast approaching it is a key time to ensure that your Business is protected. Displaying clear signage to warn burglars away from your property can assist with ensuring that you are not a target.

Letting burglars know you have security systems installed that will alert you on Alarm Activation could deter a burglar from breaking into your property.  Clear and prominent Security Warming Signs will ensure that they know you have taken precautions to protect your property and although burglars these days can be undeterred by any security, those that are smart and looking for the most vulnerable properties to target will look for these signs as well as the Security Systems on the external of the building.


 3 easy steps to displaying your warning signs.


1. Places Warning Stickers in Windows and Doors


Warning Window Sticker Security Warning Sticker


2. Place Warming Signs at Eye Level

Security Warning Sign, Fence Security Warning Sign, External


Step 3: Choose the right size Warning Sign

Warning Window Sign

CCTV Warning Window Sign





If you keep to the golden rule of placing stickers and signs in prominent positions that will be seen clearly you will be on the right track.

All signs are available from our online store click here to purchase now and have them delivered before the holidays.  If you are a client of Eclipse Security Systems (we installed your systems) you can collect free signs from our showroom in Hallam or Call us on 1300 661199 and we can drop them in, when in your area.

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