Licence Plate Camera

Licence plate cameras are normally used in conjunction with a camera that can view the overall area.

Licence Plate Camera

Thousands of people use the roads day and night. Some people adhere to the road rules but other people do not which endangers other road users. Other drivers are careful on the roads but they often get caught up in the crossfire and pay the price of other people’s dangerous driving. For this reason it’s important that authorities such as the police or the courts have the ability to prosecute dangerous drivers and that is where licence plate cameras come into the equation. Licence plate cameras can read the numbers on the licence plate so that a dangerous driver can be prosecuted, which will make the roads safer for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians. Without licence plate cameras the roads would be dangerous and greater numbers of people could be injured, or worse yet, they could die on the roads.

So now that you know the purpose of licence plate cameras, you’re probably wondering what the process for installation is. One method is that they can be installed on police cars and when they’re patrolling the highway they can identify any dangerous drivers and if they need to then they can put an alert out on their radio system so that other police officers in the area can be notified about the dangerous driving. Knowing the exact licence plate number gives police an exact picture of who they need to target and that leads to swifter action.

licence plate camera

When installing a licence plate camera you have the option of either installing just one or two. Whilst one is effective, two is even better because it means you can see what’s going on in both directions of the road so that even if your eyes can’t detect dangerous driving, your cameras will.

Licence plate cameras are normally used in conjunction with a camera that can view the overall area. This may include a highway camera that is attached to a powerline or other fixed construction such as a tree or building. Getting a picture of the overall area can help authorities when it comes to prosecuting dangerous drivers and can help them build a stronger case than if they only captured the license plate itself. In addition to giving specific vehicle information, a license plate camera also means that when prosecuting there is no way that a person can deny involvement because there is photographic evidence, which saves the police time and resources trying to capture dangerous drivers. This is particularly the case with hit and runs where a driver may otherwise evade capture or responsibility for their dangerous driving.

Licence plate cameras can also be used in conjunction with access control and other ANPR Cameras for security and access features such as giving certain vehicles special access remotely into a business or premises. This makes licence plate cameras a very powerful tool that’s not just limited to security options.

License plate cameras can be used during the day or at night. It doesn’t matter. The camera has the ability to capture the license plate details any time of the day or night which also means that if someone has committed another time and is trying to evade capture, you can more easily track them and find out where they are giving you the chance to alert other authorities.

As with all security camera systems, license plate cameras can also be monitored remotely so you can take swift action and if you need to you can send a police car to a specific location to deal with an offender or grant remote access to a user then these are the perfect solution.

To discuss the types of license plate cameras we sell give us a call and we’d be happy to show you our full range and options available.

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