CCTV Installation

CCTV Installation Melbourne and Victoria wide. We are qualified and specialise in CCTV Installations in all premises, schools, businesses, homes or councils.

CCTV Installation

CCTV Installation

CCTV Installation is our specialty. Our qualified technicians can come onsite and install your CCTV system for you. We provide installation with every CCTV package we sell and work across a full range of sectors including Government, Council, Police, Schools, Business and Small Business, Colleges, Clinics and the list goes on.

Industry CCTV Solutions

Eclipse Security Systems Technical Solutions Consultants have provided CCTV systems for Government, Local Council, Victoria Police, Manufacturing & Industrial Factories, Construction Sites, Warehousing & Logistics, Schools,  Hospitality, Retail Stores & Small Business.  Eclipse Security Systems tailor requirements to the client, however, Industries have common requirements which are why it is an important factor when choosing the best CCTV System.

There are CCTV Cameras that are manufactured with a specific industry in mind, which can provide the business with added benefits.  An example of this is Heat Mapping CCTV Cameras tailored to Retail Stores. Heat mapping provides a deeper understanding of customer movement within a store.  Using CCTV data analysis the Store Owner can have a better understanding of product placement. Also, identifying busy and quiet times in order to manage staff rostering.  Facial recognition can also be useful to alert when someone has entered the store that has previously been recorded shoplifting.

CCTV Camera Coverage

Knowing the areas that need to be covered by CCTV Cameras is an important aspect for consideration when evaluating the best CCTV Systems to be Installed.  There may be a number of sites that need to be managed from one location or one site with External & Internal CCTV Cameras (ie Reception, Stock Room, Offices).  There are a number of CCTV Camera types, each will cover a specified angle and distance from the Camera location, CCTV Cameras with pan, tilt and zoom capabilities are also possible.

Understanding CCTV Environment

CCTV cameras operate best on an overcast day when there is even light and objects are well lite, making it easy to see details in the images (resolution of the Camera & Monitor will also be a factor in image quality).  Low light conditions can cause issues and therefore CCTV Cameras that can deal with low light conditions should be installed.  Alternatively, motion sensing lights may be an option.  The sun can cause lens flare on a bright sunny day, so the location and angle of the camera should take this into consideration.  When CCTV Camera Systems are being installed in new buildings before fit-out, requires an understanding of how the facility is going to be used and possible obstructions after the fit-out (such as walls, furniture or shelving).

CCTV System Objective

Knowing the clients Objective for the CCTV System Installation upfront ensures that the best solution is provided.   CCTV Cameras providing protection and peace of mind for the business owner is not always the only objective although the most common.  CCTV System Technology can provide solutions that may not have been considered or the client may have specific requirements such as people counting, facial recognition or licence plate identification. CCTV Systems can provide businesses with added benefits from data collected, analysed and reported, to improve processes can save on labour costs and reduce OH&S risks.

Allocating Budget for CCTV System Installation

When budgeting for CCTV System Installation, all the above considerations will impact the budget.  Cheapest is not going to be the best solution or the best return on investment long term.  Choosing a reputable company that specialises in security solutions, is trusted and can provide you with ongoing support and maintenance as well as expert advice.  The Security Company should hold a security license and be a member of Asial which is the Security Industry Association. You should also check their website and ensure that they have a physical business that you can visit should you need a demonstration of products or have any issues after your installation.  A well established Security Company is more likely to understand your requirements and be up to date with the latest technology available, which in turn may provide a better long term solution.

Eclipse Security Systems are at the forefront of Security Technology for Melbourne, find out more About Us and our 5-star service.  Technicians are Licensed, Certified & Trained to install systems installed.  Training on your systems will be provided on handover along with details of our support resources available to you.

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