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Industrial and Manufacturing Facilities are often complex and require a detailed security solution that addresses many aspects of a businesses protection

Industrial and Manufacturing Facilities are often complex and require a detailed security solution that addresses many aspects of a businesses protection.  A quality, reliable and well planned security system can be the difference between success and failure for a business and compromise the safety of staff.

Eclipse Security Systems believes in getting to know the individual needs and challenges of it’s clients and developing a solution to fit their needs.  Manufacturing & Industrial Security often needs to monitor access to the facility as much about protecting the business against OH&S regulations as it is about protecting the premises. Our experts will identify areas of risk for a business and offer a unique electronic protection solution from a wide range of system options to help protect employees, assets and clients.

Eclipse Security has a variety of security system equipment, including Intrusion Alarm Systems, CCTV Systems, Access control and Fire Alarms. Where appropriate, all of these security systems can be integrated, delivering a simple an effective facilities security management solution. At the same time, it provides the most comprehensive protection to meet all security needs.

Protecting business against fire and break-in with a high quality security alarm is the first line of defence. In the event of a fire, beyond the physical damage a facility might suffer, the owners might have to deal with an even bigger liability. Considerations for protecting the health, safety and welfare of the most important asset – those who work in their facility – are of most importance to the business.

The use of a Video Surveillance helps to monitor employee and customer for productivity, safety and has been proven to reduce theft and false or fraudulent accident claims, due to the physical presence and awareness of security cameras that are recording evidence. The images captured by the security camera’s are recorded on a NVR (network video recorder) and, if an incident happens a record of the event will be stored for a period of time (normally 30 days) to provide evidence for litigation if necessary.

Video Surveillance of Industrial and Manufacturing Facility

Innovations such as Intelligent Video Analytics are also employed to work with detection and surveillance systems to monitor and protect outdoor areas and identify false activation.

Outdoor areas are typically the most challenging to protect however with Eclipse Security Systems expertise in providing solutions to the many challenges of an industrial or manufacturing site, an effective security plan will be recommended which will include world class products that are reliable and most appropriate defence solution for the facility.

Access Control Systems are an effective way of protecting against unauthorised entry and can manage peoples movement within the facility.  Access Control can be integrated with time and attendance to monitor and report times that employees arrive and leave which is an effective way of managing access and tracking employee’s time records.

The systems can be set to have usual operating hours within a range (eg  5AM to 10PM).  Should anyone try to access after these hours either authorised or unauthorised, the system can be set to send a notification to the Business Owner or trusted Manager.

Eclipse Security Consultants are experienced in providing security solutions for Industrial and Manufacturing facilities across Melbourne.   No matter how small or large and complex your facility is we can provide the solution to reduce the risks and improve the monitoring and control of your facility.

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