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There is enormous responsibility and increasing pressure on Principles and Facility Managers to ensure the School Security, Safety of Staff and Students within their Schools is a priority

Pressures to Improve School Security.

There is enormous responsibility and increasing pressure on Principles and Facility Managers to ensure the School Security, Safety of Staff and Students within their Schools is a priority.  Eclipse Security Systems is focused on protecting staff and students with a quality and well planned School Security System Solution. Ensuring School Security Systems are simple to use in a central location and provides peace of mind for staff and students.

Eclipse Security Systems have been installing and maintaining security systems in the Education Sector since 2000 and are leaders in the field of Security Technology for Schools.  Managing the facility’s security within, schools, colleges, and universities can be challenging and often requires an integrated system that will manage multiple aspects of a facility’s security from Access Control to CCTV Surveillance and Intrusion Alarm.

Access Control For Schools 

Using our recommended Access Control Systems, it is possible to control who can access and monitor movement within the Education Facility, which areas Staff & Students can visit, and when they can enter certain areas. It may be necessary to use electronic Access Control Systems, for restricting entry to offices & other Staff member areas and storage. School Security Systems can prohibit, unidentified personnel from entering a school campus and monitor visitors movements whilst onsite.  No more lost keys, instead, access is managed by a fob or card which is issued with the users credential and users rights.  If a fob or card is lost or stolen the card can easily be removed from the system and another card issued. Lost keys can be a security risk to the school and a costly process to replace locks.

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Access Control allows  Administrators to know who and when a person has entered an area and can update and control the system remotely from a central location. Access Control Systems store users activity history and can be reviewed at any time. For Example: If an item such as a computer is removed from a classroom, the school administrator can review who had accessed to the classroom at the time that the item was moved, by analysing the Access Control Activity Report for that location to investigate further. It is also possible to prevent students from wandering off the site and monitoring their movements within the Education Facility with an Access Control System, depending on the level of Security needed.  Should there be a threat to staff and students the facility can be switched to LOCKDOWN which can be configured to fit the Education Facility requirements and levels of threat.

CCTV Systems For Schools  

A common security system in an educational facility is a CCTV Surveillance System. Providing CCTV Surveillance of all areas deters vandalism and theft and provides peace of mind for The Principal that staff, students and the Educational Facility are protected.  CCTV cameras can be installed at critical access areas such as hallways, parking lots and school entrances or in the classroom for added OH&S purposes. CCTV systems provide, both real-time and documented record which can be stored and viewed at a later date. It is a perfect solution since school security is not an eight-hour-a-day job, but one that requires attention 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Authorised administrators can check on the school from another location, whether during school hours or at night and on weekends. In doing so, CCTV Surveillance Systems can play a major role in helping protect Schools & Colleges. Being monitored by security cameras for their safety can provide peace of mind and security for staff, parents & students.

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Intrusion Alarms For Schools 

School & Colleges are most vulnerable to burglary and fire when there is no one on site to monitor and action potential threats to the School premises.  Intrusion Alarms can be connected to smoke detectors to provide the alert that there is a threat of burglary or fire to the Education Facility.  Because these threats will often occur out of hours or during School Holidays the Intrusion Alarm should be connected to our A1 Grade Monitoring Centre who will have instruction on what to do on activation of Alarm. These could be to call a list of contact or send a patrol to the Educational Facility.  If the alarm can be verified that it is not a false alarm, Police can be called to attend.  Verification of an Intrusion Alarm can be gained via CCTV Surveillance footage of the area where the alarm was triggered.   Facility’s Manager is often set up with access to view from a remote location on their mobile device.

Lockers For Schools 

Student’s possessions being stolen is also becoming a cause for concern with educational facilities and keyless lockers can be integrated with our access control system which provides students with a swipe card or toggle and programmed to provide them specific user access to areas within the school and their locker. Access can be programmed and controlled by administration staff and reports generated on the activity at any time.

Other Security Services For Schools 

  • Alarm Systems
  • Alarm Monitoring
  • CCTV Monitoring
  • Smoke Alarms
  • Intercom Systems
  • Prevention Maintenance & Service
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