PARADOX Security is committed to quality as a basic business principle.

Paradox is committed to quality as a basic business principle. They believe in providing our customers with innovative products and services that satisfy requirements or exceed their expectations.

Their Goal is to provide total customer satisfaction by ensuring that our products are: Reliable, Free from defects & competitively priced. Since 1989, these goals have driven the development of revolutionary products.

They started with an impressive line of motion detectors whose patents are still used in their products today. In 1996, they introduced the Digiplex series of security systems, featuring our encrypted expandable bus system. In 2001 they introduced an extensive range of wireless systems, including the award-winning Magellan all-in-one console. Over the last few years, their focus has shifted progressively towards software development. In 2007, they revamped and shifted many products to new platforms, including the MG, SP and EVO series. They also introduced advanced communication modules using GSM and IP, and infield firmware upgradeable hardware.

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