Night Vision Camera

Night vision cameras use a different technology to cameras that are used during the day and that is why they can capture HD night time footage that a regular camera can’t.

Night Vision Camera

Night Vision Camera

Although robberies, vandalism and other security breaches can take place anytime during the day or night there is a greater risk of your business or residential property being burgled, vandalised or breached at night time. Aside from installing security cameras that capture footage of people passing by during the day, it is imperative that you install a night vision camera so that you can see what’s happening at night time when vision is limited.

A night vision camera uses infrared technology to capture images of what the human eye is unable to see and then records that so if you notice any suspicious activity you can watch it back and send it to the relevant authorities for further analysis. Night vision cameras use a different technology to cameras that are used during the day and that is why they can capture night time footage that a regular camera can’t. Night vision cameras can detect the variations in light levels and their internal processes will adjust based on the light conditions.

Unlike the footage that you’ll see from the camera during the day, a night vision camera records the images in black and white. The main reason for this is that the light has dropped and they switch to their monochrome filter when they light level has dropped. A high quality night vision camera can see in total darkness so you can be confident that your property is protected 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Most newer night vision cameras use chip technology which means that they are essentially digital cameras and therefore you can easily zoom in or out so if there is a particular moment that was captured that you want to play back in greater focus you can do so with ease.

A low light night vision camera is not as advanced as an infrared night vision camera and operates on an analog system meaning that the footage that is captured will have a green or white/black tint to it. The footage is very similar to what the human eye would capture.

The type of night vision camera that you choose to purchase will depend on whether it is for a business or a residential property. It will also depend on the light that is in the area. If you have motion sensor lighting then a low light night vision camera will do the trick whereas if the area that you want surveillance for is pitch black, a night vision camera with infrared technology is your best choice.

Before you to make a final decision on what night vision camera to purchase we will offer you a free assessment so that you are fully informed and can make the best decision. Ultimately you want a camera that is going to help you reduce the risk that you will fall victim to crime, so we will take into consideration your environment and the rest of your security system. In many cases we offer night vision cameras that can be monitored remotely so if you’re away from the business but want to check that everything is okay and your valuables are secure you have that option available.

Get in touch with us to talk to one of our experts today and see our range of night vision cameras.

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