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Victoria State Government together with Local Councils & Victoria Police are putting the safety and security of the general public high on their agenda

Victoria State Government together with Local Councils & Victoria Police are putting the safety and security of the general public high on their agenda in 2019.  Increased State Budgets mean that Local Councils are upgrading public facilities such as Parks, Community Buildings & Sports Facilities, some of these upgrades will include improving the Security for these facilities with CCTV Surveillance  in Public Places across that state.  Victoria Police has increased budgets for it’s Police Force & Crime Prevention Officers as well as upgrades to advanced security technology that will improve Surveillance coverage in Public Spaces such as train stations and Townships across the State of Victoria.  For many year the Annual police reports were showing that crime was growing in our communities and that better security was needed in Parks & Public Places.

Local Governments were reporting that the cost to taxpayers for the cleanup of vandalism was also increasing and the threat of violence to people on our streets, train stations, parks and open spaces, warrant the need for better security in public spaces.

Our Technical Security Consultants at Eclipse Security Systems are working with Local Councils and Victoria Police to implement security solutions that will ensure people are protected and the criminals deterred from committing crimes.  Public Places can require sophisticated equipment, to be effective in creating a security plan for open spaces such as Parks and Townships can be challenging as they offer all kinds of obstacles to be overcome such as poor light and difficult to access areas.  With the advances in Security Technology in recent years, CCTV Systems have come along way with the move away from analogue systems that would provide low-quality images and struggle with low light conditions.  Digital CCTV systems are a vast improvement in the quality of images and the ability to live view from IP Cameras which can aide the Police in monitoring and surveillance as well as catching criminals red handed.

CCTV Systems are the most common form of security in public places and used for general Surveillance over large open spaces. CCTV systems may have been a controversial subject in the past due to peoples concerns for their invasion of privacy but with the changing times and the concerns for public safety increased CCTV Cameras are now providing communities with peace of mind.  CCTV surveillance has been proven to reduce crime and provided vital evidence in the prosecution of criminals.

Capturing an event on CCTV Cameras will ensure that the vital evidence that the police need to make an arrest is stored safely and will be used in a court of law to provide the strong evidence that will lead to a conviction or maybe even imprisonment of the perpetrator.

The Ombudsman has developed guidelines to assist Victorian public sector bodies in developing policies and procedures for their management of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) in public places. Find it here: CCTV in Public Spaces from Crime Prevention. 

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