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We have been working with Melbourne Retail Store Owners since 2000 to provide professional advice and tailored security solutions that will suit the business owners & managers needs and budget

The sad fact is that Retail Businesses on our high streets are not just attracting shoppers; you also get to entice the bad elements of society so it is important to have retail security systems in place. Burglars are everywhere and you may not notice them, looking around your retail store. Some may have been inside, bought a small item and may have even chatted you up. And because you have no idea which among your clients is a burglar, it is very hard to be on guard during business hours without CCTV Camera systems to assist you in monitoring all areas of your business. Burglars that intend to do the most damage to your business generally will attack in the dead of the night when the premises has no one onsite and this is when you need complete protection for your retail business and peace of mind that your business is secure and being monitored for intrusion 24/7.

Retail Alarm System

A good alarm system is the first line of defence for any retail or small business. There are a lot of aspects to be taken into consideration if you want to make sure that your business stays safe after you closed up. Your best option is to start with a deterrent and have an alarm system installed in your retail premises. Ensure that warning signs are displayed as these can also be effective as a deterrent.  A burglar will always choose the most vulnerable and easiest business to target.  The alarm system will activate and sirens will sound on activation but an alarm will need to be connected to 24/7 monitoring so that the alarm can be managed on activation.

Retail Alarm Monitoring

Connecting your Alarm to our A1 Alarm Monitoring Control Centre ensures that you or your list of contacts are notified on Activation and that appropriate measures are taken on activation.  All our current alarms that are installed have smart features that allow notifications to be sent by text message, which is a much-loved feature for Business Owners.  24/7 monitoring ensures that these notifications are not missed and minimal damage and disruption to your business occur due to effective emergency management.  Another benefit of our monitoring service is that you will be notified of functional errors of your alarm and you can also opt for annual maintenance to be included in your level of service to ensure that your alarm system is in line with Australian Standards which could reduce your insurance premium.  Find more info more: Security Alarm Monitoring.

Retail CCTV Systems

A mentioned previously in this article, CCTV Camera Systems are recommended for Retail Stores, as the system will provide staff with the ability to monitor customers without making them uncomfortable.  CCTV systems also work in conjunction with your alarm system to provide verification of an alarm activation as well as provide a recording of events that can be played back at a later date.  Modern CCTV Systems can be remotely accessed via your computer or mobile device.  Advanced CCTV Solutions can include, people-counting, facial recognition & heat-mapping data which can be used for business analysis reports.

Retail Access Control Systems

Eclipse Security System consultants have been working with Melbourne Retail Store Owners since 2000 to provide professional advice and tailored security solutions that will suit the business owners & managers needs and budget.

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