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Pubs, Clubs, Gaming and Liquor stores should have a CCTV system installed to ensure the security of staff and patrons

Pubs, Clubs, Gaming and Liquor stores should have a CCTV system installed to ensure the security of staff and patrons. In most local council’s it is a legal requirement to have CCTV cameras installed if you have a liquor and music licence. Venue owner or manager should contact their local council to ensure they know their obligations.

Pubs and Clubs can be challenging venues when installing security camera systems as they are often dimly lit and require good quality infrared cameras or low light cameras so that you can view images in low light conditions. A lot of bars and clubs are located in old buildings which can also provide issues with running cables.

Eclipse Security Systems have been providing Melbourne’s inner city and local bars and clubs with security solutions as well as ongoing maintenance programs for many years and have also developed systems specializing in solving issues for venue owners.

Effective Security Solutions are so important to the success of the venue to ensure that it’s reputation is withheld within the local community. One of the systems we have provided specifically to this industry is the ID Scanner, designed to scan patrons licenses & capture their details while recording them as they enter the venue via a CCTV camera. This system has proved very successful in nightclubs and venues that attract trouble makers, drugs dealers and theft. The ID Scanner system has also been used in liquor stores to capture details of suspected underage drinkers.

There has been a crackdown recently on gaming venues due to the increase in gambling addiction. By having security cameras visible to patrons and staff members, venue managers can review activity at any time should they be suspicious and provide proof to police.

An incident at a public venue can damage a venues reputation pretty quickly as well as jeopardize the future of the business. Police will look favorably on responsible venue owner and proactive managers that have a well maintained security system and be able to provide footage of incidents efficiently. This can resolve any accusations that may be made by the general public regarding aggressive door staff or bar staff and protect the venue owner from OH&S claims.

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