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ANPR cameras are not just used to law enforcement. They can also be used to monitor traffic and car park usage plus the number of pedestrians passing by.

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When we think about security cameras our mind tends to go straight to CCTV cameras which are used to prevent burglaries however cameras can be used for other purposes as well. How many times have you been driving and seen some dangerous driving where a driver tried to pass at a dangerous time, was speeding or driving erratically? Chances are it’s happened quite a lot but because you were focused on driving you couldn’t write down the license plate details. That doesn’t need to be the case anymore. An ANPR camera is exactly what you need and it will do the work for you. An ANPR camera is an automatic number plate recognition camera. It works by using technology that recognises the characters – numbers or letters and then records them. It can also take a picture of the driver.

Although APNR cameras can be used by individuals who are concerned with road safety they can also be used by law enforcement professionals such as police officers. Police officers generally use APNR cameras to check for dangerous driving, however they also use them to establish whether or not a vehicle is stolen and if the license plate has been switched.

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The purpose of these cameras is to make the roads safer for everyone and to reduce instances of crime. Adequate surveillance can act a strong deterrent to the commission of crime because the chances of getting caught by the authorities are much greater.

Australian authorities such as the Victorian Department of Justice and several state police departments use both fixed and mobile APNR cameras. The cameras are used to detect dangerous driving and also to identify unregistered vehicles or drivers who have had their license suspended. Another reason APNR cameras are used is to identify fugitives who have an outstanding arrest warrant.

Australia’s speed limit on open highways is 110km depending on the conditions. The speed limit varies in residential areas. Although anti speeding campaigns have been successful to an extent, some drivers still think they can exceed the speed limit. Australian authorities use APNR cameras to detect when a driver is driving over the speed limit. ANPR cameras are more effective than traditional speed cameras which have been known to encourage drivers to slow down to a legal speed limit and then speed back up when they’re out of the speed camera’s range.

Benefits Of ANPR Cameras

ANPR cameras have also been shown to be effective in countries where there are toll roads. Some drivers may try to avoid paying the toll booth fee but if an ANPR camera is installed then the chances of getting away with not paying are quite slim which naturally increases compliance with the road rules.

Outside of Australia, ANPR cameras have been used in airports, schools, marine ports and government buildings. They are used in these settings to monitor for any suspicious activity. In these settings the cameras also have facial recognition capabilities so the perpetrator can easily be identified and matched in the database if there is an existing record.

ANPR cameras are not just used to law enforcement. They can also be used to monitor traffic and car park usage plus the number of pedestrians passing by.

Given ANPR cameras are multifaceted and can be used for a number of purposes, it’s worth giving us a call to see how we can assist you with your needs.

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