Hospitals & Medical Facilities

Security solutions customized for the particular hospital that will protect its people, property and reputation

Hospitals & Medical Facilities

Nowhere is a well designed, fully operational security system more important than in a hospital & healthcare facilities. There are many reasons for this including the fact that large quantities of drugs are stored, expensive medical equipment and the valuable, sick people & infants spending their first few days of life.

Security is of the utmost importance for these reasons and several others, and the fact that most hospitals are very large, extremely complex buildings makes the need for an excellent security system is even greater.

In most cases an integrated security system is the best option for a hospital as this type of system will incorporate several different types of smaller security configurations and make all of them accessible from one central location. Access to hospital controls, alarms and a CCTV system (closed circuit television system) is possible with an integrated system, making it much easier to monitor and respond in case of any type of crisis.

At Eclipse Security Systems we have a highly skilled team of security experts that are well versed in evaluating the different types of hospital infrastructures and identifying possible areas of vulnerability. Once these areas of weakness are identified we then put together a security solution customized for the particular hospital that will protect its people, property and reputation.

One of the most important parts of a well-designed security system is the CCTV system. The ability to closely monitor restricted areas such as medication storage and maternity wards, as well as the patients themselves as they recover, is vital to any large healthcare institution. Today’s CCTV systems can not only closely monitor any area of the facility but also count the people moving about and notify the security staff if anything has been removed without permission.

One of the last parts of a well-designed security system is the ability to tightly control access to restricted areas through the use of an access control system.  This type of system (of which there are several) will allow access to certain parts of the facility to only the people that have permission, when someone without said permission tries to enter staff are alerted, keeping the staff and patients safe from intruders.

In short, an integrated security system is an amalgamation of a number of different security systems working together to ensure the total security of the entire medical facility while allowing a security team to monitor all parts from one specific location.  At Eclipse Security Systems we specialize in these types of multifaceted security systems and would be more than happy to demonstrate our knowledge and expertise at your convenience.

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