Wireless Security Systems

Protect Your Home And Business And Deter BEFORE The Break-In Occurs.

Wireless Security Systems

Wireless Security Systems For Business

Wireless Security Systems are often thought of as a Solution when it is not possible to install a hard-wired security system which is true in the case of Wireless Alarm System or Wireless Security Cameras but all Wireless Security is not Equal.  Wireless Access Control is quickly becoming the new normal.

A Wireless Security System can be a great option and used as a deterrent and provide peace of mind that property and assets are protected.  Some Wireless Security Systems can provide businesses with better Business Management Solution with Remote View and Control over the Security Systems installed.

Wireless Alarm Systems

Wireless Alarm Systems are popular when a premise is rented and there is no Alarm System installed.  A hardwired Alarm System will always be our recommendation if it is possible, however, the Wireless Security Systems we use are reliable and can be moved easily if you are in temporary premises.  Our Wireless Alarms Systems provide visual verification and will send a push notification and snapshot image when the alarm has been triggered so that you can verify that it is not a false alarm.

Wireless Access Control Systems

Wireless Access Control Systems are quickly becoming a more popular option when upgrading or replacing old wired systems. Advanced Technology in Wireless Access Control Systems provides better energy efficiency, more flexibility and can be integrated with other systems to provide better Facility Management Solution.

Wireless Security Cameras

There are some locations that it is not possible to install hardwired CCTV Systems and the most common is on a building site or construction site.  Often while a building is under construction there is no power and materials and machinery left on site.  Installing a Wireless CCTV System which is triggered by movement provides protection overnight and at weekends when there is no one on site.

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