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Salto Systems has developed a wide range of innovative access control solutions

Recognizing the need for a new access control concept, Salto Systems has developed a wide range of innovative products, while the electronic escutcheons, wall readers and on-line and off-line control units now control security access for a growing range of end users from Airports to Hospitals, Banks to Government Buildings and Universities to Hotels.

Salto has a brand new HQ and high capacity manufacturing facility which is fully equipped with the latest technology for JIT (Just in Time) manufacturing while substantial ongoing investment in a dedicated RD&I team (Research, Development and Innovation) enables them to stay at the cutting edge of modern mechanical, electronic and software design.

salto systems office

Salto Systems Market-led Development

Innovation is one of the most critical factors behind Salto’s continued success. The inspiration and ideas for new products come from a variety of sources, the most important is Salto Systems customers. Real market feedback is extremely valuable, especially for incremental product improvements. Another important source of input are all the new electronic and information technologies. These developments can often allow functionalities which were previously impossible, such as what took place with SALTO Wireless technology, or more recently with our mobile solutions and the XS4 2.0 range.

Salto Systems R&D Team

The R&D team of nearly 30 people is structured into three areas to best focus on the main areas of development: Mechanical, Electronics, and Software. Salto jumped onto the access control map with its data-on-card technological innovation and to remain a leader in this increasingly competitive landscape, Salto Systems need to continue to invest it’s resources — people, capabilities, equipment — in order to reach their research and development goals.

Eclipse Security Systems have been partnered with Salto Systems for over 10 years.  Their products provide Access Control Solutions for industries that no other Access Control Systems can match.  Clients choose Eclipse Security Systems because they trust us to provide the best solution with innovative and quality products that last the test of time in an ever-evolving industry.

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