CCTV Security Cameras

CCTV Is Visual Surveillance Technology With The Capability To Monitor Environments And Activities.

CCTV Security Cameras

CCTV Systems For Melbourne Businesses

CCTV Systems (or Closed Circuit Television) are Security Cameras that allow visual surveillance from a remote or central location and the ability to monitor a variety of environments and activities.  A communication link is generally used between the CCTV security camera, monitor and connected to a DVR or NVR for recording footage.

Digital video takes CCTV into an IT environment, enabling the system to function over LAN, WAN or Broadband (Internet), providing real-time remote vision of the location and enhancing surveillance capabilities this has become a very popular security solution for business owners.  Providing the business owner with peace of mind that their business is secure. There are many reasons why a business owner might want to install a CCTV System. Whether it’s to capture shoplifters red-handed or to combat the increasing theft by internal staff or simply to provide a business owner with more freedom and peace of mind that their business is protected from OH&S claims.

CCTV Systems for Crime Prevention

Business Security will often start with an alarm system and integrate a CCTV system to provide added protection.  The alarm will detect an intruder and notify the monitoring control room of the alarm and the CCTV System provides the Control Room Advisor with a visual aid to verify that the alarm is not a false alarm and call police or dispatch a patrol car, depending on the client instructions.  The Control Room Adviser can assist the Police with knowing where the burglar is located within the building if needed with real-time images if the CCTV system is monitored system. If the burglar leaves the building as soon as the Alarm is triggered the CCTV system will have recorded footage which will can be used in a court of law and provide valuable evidence for Police.

Melbourne Businesses can experience substantial profit lose through internal theft, by ensuring that you have security cameras installed in areas that money and stock are kept can reduce the temptation for staff to take stock without permission or being correctly billed to the client.

CCTV Systems Remote Access

CCTV Systems can be remotely operated from a mobile device these days which has provided more flexibility for small business owners.  Although Connecting your CCTV System via the internet keeps you connected and provides the real-time view of your home or business it is still connected to a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) or NVR (Network Video Recorder) in most cases for recording, playback or review.

CCTV Systems for Business Intelligence

New CCTV Technology is providing business with more value than ever before and it is becoming an essential part of Business Planning for future growth. CCTV systems are no longer stand-alone systems that operate as a defence system but are now providing valuable data that can be integrated with other business systems to report on who customers are and how they are interacting with the business.  This information is gathered by facial recognition, heat maps, pos cameras and license plate recognition.  These systems are advanced CCTV Camera Systems that require Video Surveillance Management Software to analyse the data and generate the reports. To find out more about what a VMS Video management software can do click here: Axxon Soft

Types of CCTV Cameras

Various types of cameras may be used to capture video footage under varying lighting conditions.  Some cameras are designed to be stationary and provide fixed views.  Others can be remotely positioned by an operator to provide a specific view, using pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) controls.  Video footage from multiple cameras can be recorded on digital storage devices for investigative purposes or displayed live through a management system by an operator, to enable a quick assessment and response. The main benefits of CCTV for businesses are that it enables a single operator to view and manage a single or multiple sites from a central location.  Law enforcement officials can also use the records as evidence.

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