Motion Sensor Camera

A motion sensor camera is a camera that operates when it detects motion.

Motion Sensor Camera

Motion Sensor Camera

A lot of businesses use motion sensor lighting or motion sensor air conditioning but were you aware that motion sensor cameras are also available? A motion sensor camera is a camera that operates when it detects motion. Basically, within the camera is a sensor that detects an image. The camera can either be set to capture a close up or it can be set to capture the full area. If the full area is being captured then the image may not be as clear but you will see the full surroundings rather than just a small section of the area. A motion sensor camera works in a similar way except the camera has been created to detect light changes. When there is motion light will change and the camera will pick up on that. Some motion sensor cameras have high sensitivity to light whereas others are not as sensitive. The type of camera you choose will be influenced by your needs.

One thing to note with motion sensor cameras is that there can sometimes be false alarms. A false alarm could be that the motion sensor camera is set off by something as simple as the moon or one of your staff going to their car after they have finished work. You want to avoid false alarms and ensure that you only capture the right motions. Setting up the camera the right way can help you achieve this goal. It may however take some adjusting before the motion sensor camera is in exactly the right position and with the right settings. To ensure you achieve this goal more quickly you can easily test it by having one of your staff members walk in front of the motion sensor and then adjust it until it’s in the right place.

Although this can be a frustrating process and may take a lot of trial and error, doing so will help you prevent break ins or if there is a break in you will be able to recover your goods much faster because you will have footage of the perpetrator walking by.

When you first purchase a motion sensor camera you also need to think about where you are going to position the camera. Most commonly motion sensor cameras are set up in doorways because that’s the entry point to your building and that’s a great place to place it. It’s worth considering installing a motion sensor camera at both ends of your carpark and the doorway because then you will have an extra layer of defence. There may also be enough time between the perpetrator getting to the carpark and the doorway for the police to arrive to prevent a crime.

The reason for this is that motion sensor cameras can be set up to an alert or monitoring system which will notify you if the motion sensor camera detects motion. By being notified you can take swift action and notify the authorities (unless you have a monitoring company do that for you, in which case they will notify the authorities for you).

The other bonus to a motion sensor camera is that unlike cameras which never stop recording, a motion sensor camera will only record when motion is detected so you won’t need to spend hours trawling through footage just to find five or ten seconds worth of suspicious activity.

If you’re considering a motion sensor camera but want to find out what options are available give us a call.

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