Hikvision Melbourne

Hikvision Melbourne is a market leader in video surveillance technology and we stock several of their products so whatever you are after we’re sure that we can help you.

Hikvision Melbourne

Hikvision Melbourne | Hikvision Melbourne Installers

Here at Eclipse Security Systems we take security seriously and we are committed to stocking only the best brands in the surveillance technology market. When you’re trying to protect your valuables, nothing but the best will do so our team of experts source brands from all over the world.

One premium brand that we stock is Hikvision. It may be the first time you’ve heard of the brand or you may already be very familiar with it. Whatever the case is, it’s a brand that you can rely on. Hikvision is a market leader in video surveillance technology and we stock several of their products so whatever you are after we’re sure that we can help you.

For those of you in the retail business you’re at the very real threat of shoplifting or robberies outside of hours. Hikvision make security cameras that have been specifically designed for the retail industry. They cater for small owner operated retail outlets right through to solutions for larger shopping centres that need extensive surveillance. Before we sell you a Hikvision product we will assess your needs so that you get the best possible coverage and can protect your retail outlet. Hikvision’s solutions are broken down even further so if you’re a clothing retailer or a convenience store we have an option for you.

It’s not just retail businesses that Hikvision makes security cameras for. They also make cameras that are suitable for kindergartens, schools or universities. The cameras can be set up in classrooms, external areas including carparks, which is especially important if your staff or students (in the case of university) are leaving late at night and need that extra layer of protection. Corridors in school buildings can also receive maximum coverage so the full area is protected from suspicious activity.

Then there are cities. Cities are home to a vast array of different people, some with good intentions and some with bad intentions and that means the city also needs to be protected. Hikvision have designed security cameras that can be used in the city’s streets so that the whole community can feel safe whether it’s day or night time or a busy or quiet time.

It’s also important that you’re safe when you’re using the roads and Hikvision have designed a range of cameras for traffic purposes. These cameras can detect when a driver is violating a road rule and therefore creating safer roads for everyone.

Whether it’s traffic, retail business, city surveillance or large shopping centre monitoring, Hikvision have manufactured a range of cameras in each area so you can choose the one that best fits your needs and will give you optimal coverage.

When you install a Hikvision camera it’s really important that you can monitor the footage that you’re getting and that you can review it in either real time or play it back later on. Hikvision security solutions are created using the most modern and up-to-date technology. The footage can be accessed from a dashboard with ease.

Eclipse Security Systems stocks a huge number of Hikvision products and we can provide recommendations on the best option for you.

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