Number Plate Recognition Camera

Number plate recognition cameras can also be used on toll roads, so if a person tries to avoid paying they won’t be able to.

Number Plate Recognition Camera

Number Plate Recognition Camera

Whilst we would hope that motorists would drive safely, they don’t always do so. Sometimes they drive dangerously be speeding, drink driving or driving under the influence of drugs. Other motorists may be inclined to drive erratically by swerving or dramatically changing their driving speed. Any of these actions can create a dangerous experience for other road users including pedestrians or cyclists. In the best case scenario, the motorist will have a number of close calls but in the worst case scenario these actions could cause a single or multiple fatalities.

Some motorists flout the law because they think that they won’t get caught and that they’ll be able to continue driving dangerously. It is for that reason that authorities rely heavily on number plate recognition cameras.

So what exactly does a number plate recognition camera do? A number plate recognition camera has been engineered to capture the digits in a car’s number plate and record those numbers. Not only will authorities know exactly who is driving dangerously but they can also check existing records to determine whether or not the driver has been suspended or disqualified. If they have been suspended or disqualified they can take swift action which in turn improves the safety on the roads. In other cases, the footage will help authorities in building a stronger case against the alleged offender and the evidence can be used in court. The advantage to this is that there is absolutely no doubt that the motorist did what they are alleged to have done and that they can receive the appropriate penalty.

Number plate recognition cameras can also be used to ascertain the location of a stolen vehicle. These cameras are equipped with smart software that will detect if there is a match, and if there is a match then again, authorities will receive notification on where the vehicle is. This means that the rightful owner will get their vehicle back and that justice will be served.

In other instances number plate recognition cameras are used in car parks. Society is gradually moving away from cash and paper to become a paperless and cashless society. Although some car parks have entry and exit gates where you will not be able to enter or exit the premises without paying, others do not, for example street parking. Traditionally people would pay for street parking using a parking meter, however that has now changed. A number plate recognition camera can create a recording of who parked on the street and then determine the appropriate parking fee. The number plate recognition camera also has the ability to determine if the person has prebooked and prepaid for a parking space. If they have then no further action needs to be taken which automates the whole parking process and saves organisations including councils time and money. Number plate recognition cameras can also be used in private business car parks. If someone who doesn’t have permission to park in a carpark then the number plate recognition camera will pick up on that and the car park management can take further action whether it’s asking the person to leave the car park or having their vehicle towed away.

Number plate recognition cameras can also be used on toll roads, so if a person tries to avoid paying they won’t be able to because a record of them using the toll booth will be created and they will be sent a bill via post or email.

Number plate recognition cameras are appropriate for so many purposes and if you’re in doubt or want to confirm if the purpose you’re considering purchasing one for is appropriate then give us a call and we’ll assess your requirements.

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