Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems involve issuing access credentials such as proximity cards, fobs and remotes

Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems are typically a building management system that controls access to external entry and exit doors, internal areas or offices and can be used to control lifts in a corporate environment. Access control systems track who goes where and when.

Large buildings that have a lot of people coming and going from the building can be complex buildings to manage.  An Access Control System solves this issue by only allowing access to people that have been authorised.  New Staff or Visitors will need to report to the reception area to gain access or move further within the building.  It is a necessity to keep a log of people who have entered the building for Safety regulations and OH&S purposes.  The history of a person’s movements may be called upon as a form of evidence in OH&S claims.

Installing an access control system to manage peoples movement within a business can provide better safety, security and efficiency. When Staff are allowed to move freely within permitted areas they feel a sense of trust is being given to them, while still mindful that they are held accountable.  Having the ability to come and go from the building without inconvenience provides a more efficient and positive environment for both staff and Managers.

Access Control Key Features:

Access Control Systems typically include proximity card readers and electronic locking devices which are installed on all restricted access areas. The Access Control System is then programmed by an administrator to define the entrances, times and rules of entry for each valid user. This information is then distributed to the various door, elevator and control panels to enable access to be granted to the valid user on presentation of their credential holder to the proximity reader.  Credential holders are normally in the form of a swipe card, fob or remote although Biometric readers (facial, fingerprint or eye recognition) are also used to identify users access rights.

Eclipse Security Systems offer the very latest Access Control Systems which is advanced technology and can often be integrated with other Security Systems such as Intrusion Alarms or CCTV Systems as well as business management systems.  The best Access Control Solution for your facility will depend on a number of factors.  The common factors taken into consideration by our Security Solutions Consultants are: Industry, Environment, Level of Security, Number of Users, Administrators Requirements and Budget.

While controlling access and movement within a Business is the most common use of Access Control Systems there are a lot of systems to choose from, some are tailored to specific industries, environment or facility.  Each client has its own unique requirements and our team at Eclipse Security Systems can provide expert advice to Melbourne Businesses.  If you would like to find out more about the most popular Access Control brands that we have partnered with click here: Brands


Often industry-tailored access control will include the integration of security systems. Click on the link below to find out more about your industry security solutions.

  • Schools & Colleges
  • Hospitals & Medical Facilities
  • Pharmacies
  • Hotels
  • Government & Open Spaces
  • Gyms & Sports Facilities
  • Warehouse & Logistics depots
  • Manufacturing & Industrial Factories
  • Multi-Level Apartments
  • Corporate offices & Co-Work Space.
  • Retail & Small Business

Talk to us today about installing Access Control on your premieses or place of work. We have fully qualified technical consultants on hand to speak too and we have a twenty year track record in the industry.

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