Wisenet Wave

Wisenet Wave has been developed by engineers who have focused on user experience. They’ve considered all the different options to come up with a product that is simple and can be used by everyone.

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Wisenet Wave

If you’ve read the content on the other pages on the Eclipse Security Systems website then you probably would have figured out by now that after you install your security system whether it’s CCTV cameras, motion sensor cameras or night vision cameras, you’ll need to monitor the footage somewhere. Unlike the olden days when you’d literally have a room filled with video cassettes that you’d need to rewind, fast forward and pause, all of your video footage is stored digitally. It is stored using video management software. Eclipse Security Systems prides itself on being a market leader in security and surveillance solutions and to complete your security needs, we also stock video management software.

One of the brands that we stock is Wisenet Wave. Wisenet Wave has been developed by engineers who have focused on user experience. They’ve considered all the different options to come up with a product that is simple and can be used by everyone. Wisenet don’t want you to muck around trying to get between pages, so they’ve simplified the process for you. How many times have you been doing something on your computer and then wanted to switch to a different screen? It can be one of the most annoying things in the world having to switch back and forth. Wisenet Wave has been designed so that you can view multiple frames at one time which saves you time reviewing footage and you can therefore view all the footage you need to much faster than if you could only view one frame at a time.

Wisenet Wave was also created with Fisheye tabs meaning that you can play around with the angle of the camera lens and you can manipulate it for maximum coverage so that you can see what really matters. In some cases it may be that you want to see what’s happening under someone’s desk or you’ll want to view their workstation from a bird’s eye angle. This enables you to monitor what’s on their screen without logging into their computer in the background. What’s even better about the Fisheye tab is that you can actually view five different angles so you get the full picture.

After you’ve identified the footage that you were seeking you may want to bring it up in a meeting with your staff members or if it’s related to a criminal offence then you may want to share it with the authorities. Wisenet Wave gives you the ability to export the footage that has been recorded, so you have an additional copy. The footage that is exported will be watermarked for authenticity so you can be assured that it has not been tampered with. You can also add timestamps, captions, logos and other graphics within a short timeframe.

When you’re dealing with video footage then ability to zoom in on specific frames is incredibly important. Wisenet Wave has been created so that you can zoom in on specific sections of the frames so you can analyse the footage further.

Finally, everyone has their preferences on how their screen is laid out. Think about your smartphone. Some people will leave their homepage with the default settings, whereas others will customise according to the apps that they use the most. It’s the same with their desktops Some are not fussy about the layout whereas others are. Wisenet has been developed to cater for all individual tastes and preferences and you can customise the dashboard according to what you want to see.

If you would like to find out more about Wisenet Wave or discuss any other video management software then phone us and you’ll be able to chat to one of Eclipse Security System’s knowledgeable experts. 

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