Verkada Sensor

Verkada Sensors provide unique data and insight alerts in your workplace, education campus, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing and food services.

Verkada Sensor

With a collection of eight sensor readings, easily monitor the health and safety of your environments. Verkada Environmental Sensors monitor environmental changes within your physical space. With a collection of embedded sensors the Verdaka SV11 Enviromantal Sensor measures air quality, temperature, humidity, motion and noise.

Each sensor can be managed from Verkada’s web based command platform. Users can configure the device to display the sensor data and receive alert notifications in real time allowing for fast and proactive responses.

In addition to monitoring a wide range of environmental changes, the SV11 can detect vaping and smoking events. Schools and other smoke free facilities can monitor vaping and smoking behavior from Command, the Verkada dashboard, using Verkada’s Vape Index, making it easy to conduct investigations and implement deterrent measures.

View the whole spec sheet here

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