Facial Recognition Door Entry

Facial Recognition Door Entry can recognise faces, masks or coverings and other such features/behaviour.

Facial Recognition Door Entry

Facial Recognition Door Entry

Everyone is worried about security these days and there is no guarantee that your property will be secure. When you use traditional locks that require a key a lot can go wrong. In the worst case scenario someone could remove the lock unit which would immediately open the door or they could pick the lock. Either way your property would not be secure and your personal belongings could be stolen.

In other situations your security could be threatened if someone who has moved out of the property retains a key. While most people are trustworthy some are not and it’s just not worth taking the risk of knowing that someone can get into your property with a key that you gave them. Other organisations may have doors that are opened with a pin number but if your company has high staff turnover then you would either need to change the pin code when someone leaves or you would need to look at another way to secure your doors.

Over the last few years, smartphones have used fingerprints, but the issue with that is that if the screen gets cracked the sensor may not work which would render the security measure, and the entire device useless until it is taken in to be repaired.

Another option that is increasing in popularity is facial recognition. Facial recognition works by taking a photographic image of your face and then the software will record that image within the device’s software. This means that only authorised people can enter the property and that nobody else can. It is much more secure and rather than changing the pin and then having to inform everyone of what the new pin is you can simply remove someone’s face and they will no longer be able to gain entry to the building or work site.It’s more secure than other options like cards as well, which just like keys, can be retained, lost or given to people who should not be entering a building.

You may be wondering if facial recognition door entry is secure or if it can be hacked into. Fortunately facial recognition door entry software is completely secure and no image is secured on the device itself. Rather it is encoded so that it cannot be taken by unauthorised people. Think of it as being similar to when you use Apple Pay or Google Pay, or your credit card online. The credit card details are not stored by the website’s owners. Instead they are sent via secure connection to the bank. Facial recognition door entry works in a very similar way so you can trust that your property is incredibly secure.

Some facial recognition door entry systems are incredibly smart and will not allow entry if they have an elevated temperature or not wearing a face mask, so if your worksite requires staff to wear face masks and they are not doing so, they will be denied entry. This increases the safety of your workplace and should also reduce the number of sick days that your staff take which will in turn save you money.

Eclipse Security Systems knows everything there is to know about facial recognition door entry so if this is the first time you’ve heard about it and you’d like to know more then get in touch with us and we will show you exactly how it works.

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