Car Parking Camera

Car parking cameras help increase safety and reduce the likelihood that someone will be injured.

Car Parking Camera

Car Parking Camera

Some people are naturals when it comes to parking their car.  They’ll see the tiniest spot and be able to maneuver into it with ease. They’re the types of people who you see bragging about their parking ability on social media. They’ll either share a picture showing where they parked or they’ll get one of their passengers to get out of the car to video them parking. Then they’ll post it and receive a lot of kudos for how they parked their vehicle.  For these people parking is a natural ability.

Unfortunately though, not everyone shares the same skills and some people struggle to park. These are the people on the other end of the spectrum who will see a perfect car park with plenty of space and they’ll spend several minutes trying to get into the spot, or they’ll admit defeat and give up. These people may not be able to follow instructions or they don’t have good spatial awareness.

What if there was a way where everyone could easily park in whatever spot is available? Luckily for you and the millions of other drivers in Australia who struggle with parking there is. It comes in the form of a car parking camera. A car parking camera can be fitted to the dashboard and will help you navigate your way into a tight spot. The camera will show you exactly where the boundaries of the car park are so you’ll know how much space you have to get into the park. It will also identify if there are any hazards, such as a road cone or a plastic bag so you won’t need to worry about hitting something.

Car parking cameras help increase safety and reduce the likelihood that someone will be injured as well. We’ve all read horrifying stories about small children being hit accidentally by one of their parents or grandparents reversing and not seeing them. That risk is completely mitigated with a car parking camera because you’ll be able to see exactly what’s behind you and stop if you need to. You’ll also reduce the risk that you’ll take out a wing mirror by hitting a tree or fence on the side. This is particularly important if you’re reversing back down a narrow driveway where there’s limited space to maneuver.

Most car parking cameras have a good depth so they can see up to 30 metres behind which means if a hazard is heading in your direction there’ll be plenty of time to take action. They also have a good viewing angle so you can see if there’s anything on either side of you.

Although car parking cameras are designed to help people park their cars and take away some of the difficulty, a car parking camera can also be used if you’re driving in the city and want to see if the roadway is clear. Car parking cameras have been developed so that blind spots are reduced, which makes the roads safer for both you and everyone else.

We stock some of the best car parking camera brands around and can show you our comprehensive range. Once you’ve decided what car parking camera model you want you’ll need to get it installed. All of our car parking cameras are very easy to install and come with instructions however if you would like help with the car parking camera installation then ask a member of Eclipse Security System’s friendly team and we’ll install the camera for you for maximum coverage so that you can have a safer and more enjoyable driving experience.

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