Security Alarm Systems

Intruder Alarm Systems Are The Cost Effective Way To Protect Your Business Premises.

security alarm systems

Security Alarm System Melbourne

Installing a Security Alarm Systems is the most cost-effective way to protect your business premises. Valuable items are often stored on business premises such as stock, tools, vehicles and office computers.  A reliable Business Security Alarm System is your first line of defence as it is going to notify you when there is a threat to your business so that you can then monitor or take action to limit the damage.

Connecting your Business Security Alarm to our 24/7 Alarm Monitoring from as little as $1 a day ensures that you don’t miss that crucial notification and if you are not contactable, action can be taken to ensure minimal damage to your Business in your absence.

Key Benefits a Security Alarm System

  • Alarm Sounds on Activation
  • Notification sent directly to your mobile phone
  • Remote View of Images (snapshots)
  • Police will attend if Alarm is Verified
  • Access & Control your Alarm System from anywhere as long as there is an internet connection
  • Option to add cameras for remote monitoring
  • Option to add devices such as pet and commercial detectors, magnetic contacts, barrier sirens and flood detection.

Tailored Security Solution

No two businesses are the same and depending on many factors Eclipse Security Systems will provide the knowledge and expertise to ensure that the best possible Security Alarm System for the needs of the business is supplied and installed with minimal disruption.  Our goal is to become your Business Security Experts and provide ongoing service and support so that you can rest assured that your business security is taken care of.  Providing businesses with expert security solutions tailored to business needs with the latest and best security technology available and 5 Star Service is what we pride ourselves on.

Restricted Access Alarm

Your Business Alarm System can be used to restrict areas within your business from unauthorized personnel using barrier beams or sensors that detect movement.  Should unauthorized personnel try to gain access the alarm will be activated, providing the Business owner with improved control and safety.

Reduce Business Insurance Premium

Businesses that have an approved Intruder Alarm System Installed, may be entitled to a reduction in your insurance policy of up to 20% off the premium value. (please contact your policy provider for further information.)

Business Security Partner

Eclipse Security Systems are Melbourne experts in the field of Business Security Solutions and will tailor a total Security Solution to your Business.  Our Security Systems will expand as your business grows.  Our expert team of Installers and Technicians Install CCTV Systems, Access Control & Intercoms systems. Depending on requirements, Security Systems can be integrated for a streamlined security solution and may be Integrated with business systems to improve productivity, monitor business processes & staff for safety reasons. Products that we supply and install are of a high standard and all products covered by a manufacturers warranty which is a minimum of 12 months. Some Common Alarm Brands are Risco, Bosch, Ness, Paradox & Hills.

Our Security Alarm installations are backed up by ongoing Prevention Maintenance as well as 24/7 Monitoring and Patrols as needed.

Construction & Builder Alarms

With architects, structural engineers or designers in mind Our Security Solutions Consultants can quote from plans before construction to determine what will be required for a project, or if the building already exists they will attend a site inspection to assess and consult with the client regarding the client’s security requirements and budget. For more information: Builders Security Services

If you would like to Request a Quote for a Security Alarm please complete the quick form below and one of Security Solution Consultants will call you within 24 hours or Call Us Now on 1300 661199.

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