Security System Repair Service

Security System Repair Service – Licensed & Certified Technicians.

Security System Repair Service

Security System Repair Service

Eclipse Security Systems’ service technicians are fully qualified and provided with ongoing training on security systems repair service.  This ensures that our Technicians can provide you with the best security system repair service on systems we install, as well as many other systems.  Click here for a list of most common: Security Systems Brands we service. Click here for more information: Product Certification

As part of our ongoing customer support, Eclipse Security Systems can supply parts and accessories throughout the life of the Security System. User manuals for the systems we install are provided on installation however these can get lost or mislaid so they are also available for you to download from our website click here: security systems user manual to find the user manual for your system.

Moving Premises

Becoming your Security Specialist is important to us.  Providing ongoing security system repair service and preventative maintenance means that our relationship with clients is ongoing.  When a business expands and is moving to new premises, security is often high on the agenda.  Whether you want existing alarm systems moved or upgraded or it’s time to upgrade your security to include CCTV System or Access Control System.  Our Security Consultants are happy to attend the site and provide a free Security Assessment for new premises.  Call our office on 1300 661199

If you have recently moved to new premises and not used us before, we can provide security system repair service for existing security systems whether we installed the system or not. Your needs may be different to the previous owner or tenant and you may want some advice on whether the current system is compatible with your needs.  Our Security Consultants can provide an assessment prior to a technician coming out to ensure that your needs will be met with existing systems or provide a quote for an updated Security Solution. Contact our office on 1300 661199 or click here: Request a Quote.

Prevention Maintenance

Eclipse Security Systems recommends that all businesses have a Prevention Maintenance Agreement in place.  This will ensure the effective operation of security systems installed and ensure that you are compliant with Australian Standards for Commercial Premises. Click here: Security Maintenance for more information.

The Australian standards recommend that your Security Alarm System is serviced on an annual basis to ensure that it is operating effectively. Insurance claims could be affected if regular maintenance is not performed on your security systems, we recommend that you check requirements with your insurance company.

CCTV system maintenance may be carried out more frequently, this will be determined by the environment and the level of security that the systems are relied upon by the Business Owner or Managers. For instance, a CCTV system within a licenced venue is a legal requirement and the premises could be closed down or compromised if the system is not maintained and functioning correctly.  On the other hand, a CCTV system in a small retail store may only require maintenance every 6 months.  Having a preventative maintenance plan in place can save you money in the long term and should be considered as an investment in your business.

If you would like to book a service call, call us now on 1300 661199 or complete this form: Request a Service Call.

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