Security Alarm Monitoring

Alarm Monitoring Services Also Includes System Management Such As Power Fail Or Battery Fail.

security alarm monitoring

Security Alarm Monitoring

Security Alarm Monitoring Service is a crucial part of ensuring that Melbourne Businesses are safe and secure 24 hours a day. Eclipse Security Systems connects monitored Alarms to Grade A1 Monitoring Control Room where an on duty officer will follow client instructions should an alarm be activated or compromised.

Grade A1 is the highest grade awarded by Asial, Security Industry Association and means that the Monitoring Control Room has been inspected and compliant with Australian Standards AS 2201.2 2004.

Instruction of how our Control Room should respond to an event are recorded on the clients account and these instructions will be followed. Standard practice, should there be an incident that triggers an alarm are that the control room officer on duty will contact individuals who have been provided as a list of contact for such an event. The first person on the list to be reached will provide further instruction or advice to the officer as to how to respond. This could be to simply ignore the alarm if the alarm was triggered by accident or if a break-in is suspected, a patrol may be dispatched to inspect activity and ensure that the property is secure.  If a smart alarm is installed and the alarm can be verified by the control room or client, Police can be contacted to attend the burglary.  Police will  NOT attend if the the alarm is unverified.

Having your business monitored 24 hours is crucial and can reduce damage and the loss of stock due to quick response.  Businesses are most vulnerable to burglary after dark and when no one is there and being monitored 24 hours can give business owners peace of mind that they will be contacted should their Business be a target of Burglary.

There are different types of Business Security Monitoring, this article will help your choose the right Alarm Monitor for your home or business however if you need CCTV Surveillance Monitoring your should take a look at this article > CCTV Surveillance Monitoring.

How do I know which Alarm Monitoring Package is right for me?

With the NBN being rolled out across Australia Alarm systems that are monitored need to add a device to enable the alarm monitoring to continue being monitored. Some of the most common brands are: Bosch, NESS, Paradox, DAS, Hills & Honeywell as well as many more. Eclipse Security Systems can service most alarm systems and switch them to our alarm monitoring service.  If you have a question contact us.

If we installed your Smart Alarm or you have a Risco Agility 3 or  Risco Lightsys 2 which are Smart Alarm Systems, you should click here to see> Our Standard Monitoring Package

Standard PSTN (Dialer)

PSTN stands for Public Switched Telephone Network which, as it implies, requires a telephone line connection to the alarm panel so that it can send signals through to the Control Room.  The main reason for clients choosing this option is the cost, it is on paper the cheapest option of all alarm monitoring services.  You will however be charged a standard phone call when the alarm is activated and once a week when the system is tested. If you are on the NBN network you will need a Uni-V voice port installed so that your Alarm can continue to communicate, this will be installed at the time of the NBN change over.  All the benefits and inclusions of Standard PSTN are listed below.  Click Request Package to find out more and request this service.

Standard Alarm Monitoring (NBN Ready)

Standard Alarm Monitoring is our most popular type of monitoring that is installed these days, as it doesn’t require a phone line and is NBN ready. New Monitoring Clients with existing alarms or wanting to install a new alarm who have or planning for the NBN roll out in their area should choose this package.  Standard Alarm Monitoring does not require a phone line as it is connected by a GPRS device to connect to 3/4G network and therefore alarm is not affected by the NBN. Although Standard Alarm Monitoring can seem a little more expensive there are no phone call costs, these are all included. There is also a reduced threat to the monitoring service being interrupted by the phone line being cut provided a more secure monitoring service. We recommend this option to new clients, both home and business owners. All the benefits and inclusions of Standard Alarm Monitoring are below. Click Request Package to find out more and request this service.

Commercial Alarm Monitoring (NBN Ready)

Commercial Alarm Monitoring is as explained above in Standard Alarm Monitoring, however the test signals are sent more frequently to provide a higher level of security monitoring service. Instead of sending signal every 12 hours as with the Standard option, Commercial Alarm monitoring sends signals every hour (60 Mins).  This ensures that commercial premises can identify if there is a issues or interruption with their alarm system much quicker and respond.  We would recommend this option to high risk premises that are holding high value stock or items. All the benefits and inclusions are below. Click Request Package to find out more and request this service.

Benefits of Alarm Monitoring

Added benefits to having alarm monitoring service also includes system management such as power fail or back up battery fail. If we monitor your alarm or you are considering us as your alarm monitoring service provider, we have a dedicated service department to support your service needs.  A technician will get in contact with you should any issues arise and if required, arrange a service call to resolve the problem. If you add maintenance to your alarm monitoring service you will receive one routine maintenance call out (which includes free alarm back up battery replacement) and priority phone support for just $15 per month.

The monitoring service is also of benefit to businesses that want to track open and closes within their business, users are identified by their pin code. On request a monthly report can be emailed detailing the open and close times.

From just a $1.60 per day you can have peace of mind that your business is protected 24 hours a day and secure over the 4 and 5G Network.

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