Hamwha VMS

Hamwha VMS servers have been built to be user friendly, scalable and easy to implement.

Hanwha VMS

Hamwha VMS

So now that you’ve sorted out your security cameras you need to start thinking about how you’re going to monitor the footage that you’ve recorded. You’ll also need to consider where the footage will be stored. Will it be stored on the cloud or will it be stored on a local computer? Or as another option, will you choose to use a server? If you are going to use a server then you’ll need to consider what a server actually does.

A server is basically a computer that sends information to other computers. In a real world setting if you had video footage then that would be stored on one computer and sent to either just one, or an entire network of computers. Using a good server such as Hamwha VMS is important because if you choose the wrong server your data is at risk and you could lose it if something was to go wrong such as a power cut. Servers often live in a server room in a data facility. A server room is the place where all the technological infrastructure is housed. This may include multiple servers and cables. Server rooms may also contain additional storage devices for extra protection so that if one server fails there is a back up server. The server room will also be home to routers, switches and other equipment that is connected to the network.

Eclipse Security Systems stocks all the top video management server brands including Hamwha VMS which is manufactured by Wisenet.  Hamwha VMS servers have been built to be user friendly, scalable and easy to implement. This means if your business expands you have the server capacity to scale up without having to purchase a new server, so you can be assured that you are getting value for money.

The added bonus of a Hanwha VMS server is that they’ve been manufactured with the Wisenet Wave application already installed so you won’t need to spend time and effort installing it later on. You can therefore get straight into using the server.

After you’ve elected the best Hamwha VMS server for your needs you need to think about how you’re going to maintain the server. Just like you want to keep your property secure with adequate security cameras, you also need to keep the server room secure and you can do this by creating a map of the server room which contains the details of where everything is and then performing a risk analysis to identify any possible risks. If you can then you will need to eliminate them. The friendly team at Eclipse Security Systems can go through this process with you if you are unsure where to start or if you would rather get to other areas of your business.

It should go without saying given you’ve taken the time to install security cameras and a Hamwha VMS server but the server room’s doors should be locked at all times. This is imperative given a lot of sensitive data is contained in the room. It’s really important that you install security cameras in your server room because aside from the possible cost of replacing the Hamwha server, you want to protect your data from any risk. You can add extra protection by installing motion sensors which will detect if anyone enters or tries to enter the room; and you can lock your servers in secure cabinets so that they cannot be accessed without a key. The extra security measures are incredibly important. The Hamwha servers can also be integrated with Wisenet video management software which simplifies the process for you and saves you time fiddling around with it.

If you’d like to have a chat about our Hamwha VMS servers to find out how they work and how they can be customised for your requirements then get in touch with us.

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