Hikvision License Plate Camera

Founded in 2001, Hikvision is a Chinese company that specialises in security solutions for civilians and governments.

Hikvision License Plate Camera

Hikvision License Plate Camera

Founded in 2001, Hikvision is a Chinese company that specialises in security solutions for civilians and governments. Their business mission is to understand the world around us so that we can improve security and make the world a safer place for everyone. Ultimately Hikvision is an IT company that specialises in video solutions. Although he head office is in China, it has offices all around the world including in Canada and Canada. Eclipse Security Systems was established by Melbournian Greg Flood in the year 2000 and it shares Hikvision’s goal to make the world, specifically Australia, a safer place for everyone in the community and it stocks several of Hikvision’s products including their license plate cameras.

A model that’s popular is the ColorVu Camera which was engineered to capture images in total darkness. There was one case where a woman was walking through a deserted park late at night when she was assaulted by someone who looked scruffy like a beggar. He stole the woman’s purse and ran away. There was no description of the offender and the neighbourhood CCTV was not effective. Although some images were captured they were grainy and didn’t provide any useful insight into what happened on that night.

This could have been avoided if the park had night vision security cameras installed. It’s not just parks that are dangerous for people at night time. We often read stories in the news about people being attacked in a car park. We also heard the story of Ted Bundy in the 70s and 80s where people kept on providing a description of his vehicle but nobody ever mentioned his license plate. The 70s and 80s were a different time and security cameras were not widely used, nor were license plate cameras, however if they had been, these attacks could have been prevented.

Hikvision’s license plate cameras can capture the characters of any license plate whether it’s a black and white or yellow and black license plate. That’s not important. The technology is so advanced that it can detect the characters. License plate cameras would have prevented Ted Bundy getting away because authorities would have been able to track his vehicle when he travelled between states and authorities would have known that there was a warrant out for his arrest and that he was driving a stolen vehicle.

Hikvision’s license plate cameras use smart technology where the camera can not only detect and read the license plate, it can also quickly search to see if there’s any match with any stolen vehicle or if the driver is suspended or disqualified. That’s another feature of license plate cameras. They also have the intelligence to register who is driving the vehicle so if you want to create a safer community then the Hikvision license plate cameras are an effective tool to use.

Hikvision has multiple research and development teams who are constantly looking for new innovative features to improve their already brilliant products. One feature that’s very important is that their license plate cameras have been created so that any light glare is reduced and you can see what’s happening in the picture. The cameras are also extremely sensitive to light changes yet they can be used in the Australian climate all year round and are resistant to the elements.

The recordings on Hikvision’s license plate cameras can be a key piece of evidence in traffic investigations or legal proceedings and can help a judge or jury reach a conclusion.

Eclipse Security Systems sells several of the cameras from Hikvision’s license plate camera range and would be happy to chat to you about your license plate camera requirements to get in touch with the team today.

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