School CCTV

School CCTV is essential for not only student and staff safety but monitoring the school grounds in real time. School CCTV is the future of school security systems in Australia.

cctv in schools

School CCTV

More and more schools are reviewing their security systems these days. Security systems include CCTV. The big thing with CCTV is that it’s always on and serves a number of purposes:

  • It keeps intruders out, or if they manage to get into your school then it makes them easier to catch.
  • If an incident takes place in a classroom there is footage that can be reviewed to ascertain exactly what happened.
  • They create a safer environment for the students, teachers and other staff members.
  • The reduce the rates of bullying or other harm to students.

Schools are often vast spaces covering at least 10 acres per hundred students. That size is bigger in rural areas which have more space for outdoor fields and smaller in larger cities because school developers are forced to build up rather than out. Due to the vast space that schools cover it would be very easy for undesirables such as criminals to go onto school grounds and steal valuable equipment such as computers, televisions, projectors, desks or sports equipment. They could easily do so without being caught. Or at least they could without CCTV. When CCTV is installed on the school grounds it will capture every single movement that takes place within the camera’s reach. If a particular camera has a black spot then it’s possible to install multiple cameras so that those can be eliminated. This footage can also be used by police if the school is broken into and the perpetrator will be caught and justice will be served. CCTV acts as a huge deterrence to criminals entering school grounds and doing things that they shouldn’t be doing.

Schools often have hundreds of students, and not all of those students will get along with eachother. There will be conflicts between them that may result in physical fights in, or outside of the classroom. CCTV allows teachers and the school principal to review the incident and see exactly what happened. They can then act accordingly. If an incident takes place in the toilets where CCTV has not been installed then teachers, staff and principals can review the footage and they will know exactly who was responsible based on who went into the school toilets at a particular time.

CCTV acts as the eyes and ears of staff members when they are otherwise occupied or when the school is closed. There have been cases reported in the media where teachers have been attacked on school grounds outside of school hours, incidents where students have been abused by teachers or where bullying has taken place at lunchtime. CCTV installation means that if these incidents happen they can be dealt with as soon as they have happened and that evidence can be used when dealing with teachers and/or students. The result of this is that the school will be a much safer place for students and that will give parents comfort that their children won’t be harmed when they go to school.

More commonly, CCTV is being used in classrooms. It is being used in classrooms because in the past there have been cases where students or teachers have had confrontations and when reporting the issue there have been two different version of the event. CCTV can be reviewed so that there is no doubt in anybody’s mind about exactly what happened. When it comes to exam and test time students are becoming smarter with ways to cheat. If CCTV is installed then it also makes cheating much harder so any results in tests or assignments that students get will legitimate and the school will develop a reputation as being a credible school with honest students and genuine results.

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