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Hospital Patient Protection

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Hospital Medical Security

Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities

Nowhere is a well designed, fully operational security system more important than in a hospital & healthcare facilities. There are many reasons for this including the fact that large quantities of drugs are stored, expensive medical equipment and the valuable, sick people & infants spending their first few days of life. Security is of the utmost importance for these reasons and several others, and the fact that most hospitals are very large, extremely complex buildings makes the need for an excellent

Newborn baby protection in hospitals

Infant protection and security with Elpas

Protecting a newborn baby from the moment it is born is of paramount importance and something hospital staff take very seriously.  Looking after a number of patients and staff shift change makes protecting babies challenging within a hospital environment. Elpas allows both Mother and baby to be traced at all times within the hospital facility and ensure that they can be matched easily.  From the moment the baby is born a tag is placed on the babies leg or arm and