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Touchless Access Control

/Touchless Access Control

Access Control Systems are typically a building management system that controls access to external entry and exit doors, internal areas or offices and can be used to control lifts in a corporate environment.   Access control systems track who goes where and when. With the fight against COVID-19 beginning to ramp up again, everyone is experiencing a stronger push to implement safe and healthy habits in their work, business and commercial premises to slow down the spread.

Touchless access control

facial recognition access controlTouchless access control technology is the first in line to eliminate all of these concerns in a variety of unique ways. Instead of indirectly shaking hands with the last person to use the door, a touchless button can be used to activate it. Over the course of a single day, common touchpoints like door handles or railings can come into contact with thousands of individuals.

Like the name suggests, touchless access control is any system that can validate visitors and allow or deny access without physical interaction. They allow visitors to move through a building without the risk of spreading viruses or bacteria through touch.

Installing a touchless access control system to manage peoples movement within a business can provide better safety, security and efficiency. When Staff are allowed to move freely within permitted areas they feel a sense of trust is being given to them, while still mindful of social distancing, and being as hands off as possible.  Having the ability to come and go from the building without inconvenience provides a more efficient and positive environment for both staff and Managers. Rather than relying on a physical fingerprint scanner for identification, a simple timed motion sensor can do everything a light switch can, and much more.

Minor upgrades are inexpensive, highly practical, and reliable for touchless access control. Moreover, material upgrades also help to fight the spread of germs and contaminants in less tangible ways. For businesses, visibly making the change to a touchless system can encourage more responsible and germ-conscious behaviour from employees.

Passive forms of touchless access control like these are excellent for laying the groundwork in COVID-aware and germ-conscious environments. There’s a small handful of other tools that enable touchless controls to move from passively preventing the spread of germs to actively doing so; the most notable of which is facial recognition.

Facial detection/recognition is one of the key technologies in active touchless access control. By properly utilizing facial recognition in touchless access control systems, it becomes a powerful piece of tech that can be used in countless different ways. A prime example of this can be seen in Hikvision’s Facial Recognition terminal. This seamlessly combines the best of both facial recognition and touchless technologies by being able to incorporate door controls, access and exiting buildings and other simlar functions.

With an accuracy of over 99% and less than 0.2-second recognition speed, it can entirely replace card-based systems (or be integrated with one), outdated sign-in systems, other biometric identifiers, and virtually any other form of access control. The Hikvision Facial Recognition terminals can also serve as a one-stop touchless and non-invasive fever screening checkpoint.

The terminals can be triggered to record the scene whenever an individual approaches an entrance equipped with a terminal, potentially making other forms of visual confirmation redundant. This means it can additionally be used as a quick, easy, and touchless automatic door opener with all the benefits of a secure access control system. All of this is possible thanks to advanced facial recognition.

Wherever touch-based forms of access control like FOBs, fingerprint readers, or pin pads are used, facial recognition can entirely replace such systems in the vast majority of cases. It’s also the key technology that allows touchless and non-invasive forms of fever screening in devices like Hikvision’s terminal and other fever screening thermal cameras.


Often industry-tailored access control will include the integration of security systems. Click on the link below to find out more about your industry security solutions.

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