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Security Smoke Screen

/Security Smoke Screen

Security Smoke Screens have been around for some time, first introduced in Europe over Twenty Years ago, they have been found to provide an additional layer of protection to businesses that want to stop burglars from stealing assets that are stored on business premises.

How do Security Smoke Screens work?

Security Smoke Screen is connected to your Business Alarm System.   When the Security Alarm is activated the siren sounds and alarm sends a signal to the 24/7 Monitored Control Room for action to be taken. The Smoke Screen is positioned to disperse vapour when triggered by a motion sensing detector connected to the already activated Alarm System.  The Detector is a motion sensing device and therefore activated when there is motion, for instance, when someone walks through a door or into an area which requires a high level of security,  this movement triggers the detector and vapour released into the room.  The vapour would fill a room approximately 1000 sq meters in just 60 seconds.  The Security Smoke Screen can be adjusted to the length of time the device will release the vapour at full force and then later light bursts to maintain the smoke density.

Is the Smoke Screen Safe?

The vapour is harmless and intended to deter and disable the intruder from moving any further within the premises.  The objective is for the burglar to leave empty-handed and with minimal damage to property.  Because it is a dry vapour there is no damage caused to business assets such a clothing, electronics, machinery or even sensitive documents or artwork.

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