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Fever Scanner

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Fever scanners also known as thermal scanners are an absoloute must have for every School, factory, business or premises that has onsite staff or students that require quick scanning for Covid19 symptoms.

The kiosks are designed to help prevent virus spread and maintain a healthy environment for your school students, employees, associates, visitors and the general public.

Setting your own threshold for temperature readings, the device will give a successful message or warning or denial on screen, either meaning a person cannot enter or must wear a mask.

Fever scanners can quickly process a large number of people by simply walking up or walking past the station and giving either the red light or the all clear to Covid19 symptoms. Another feature of the fever scanner station is an alert for the person with symptoms to wear a mask before they can enter.

These non-contact kiosks automatically read body temperature in seconds, with optional facial recognition. These kiosks are invaluable to carry out employee temperature checks and identify abnormal temperatures.

Vet staff members and the public/students before entry to public and private premises such as Schools, healthcare settings, supermarkets, factories, transport hubs and corporate offices.

thermographic cameras

Here are a few reasons why you will find the fever scanner and temperature control station a must have:

  • 7-inch touch screen
  • Ambient temperature range
  • Temperature accuracy: ≤0.5℃
  • Temperature monitoring distance:0.3m ~ 1.8m
  • Sound prompt: Temperature abnormal alarm
  • Unlock Mode: Face/Card/Password (entry control).

In summary, fever scanners can be more useful than other screening options like non-contact thermometers. Non-contact thermometers need the subject to be very close (15cm from forehead). Manufacturers of non-contact thermometers also suggest taking three measurements of a subject and taking the average, which is slow to check many people.

Fever scanning stations like above  can provide a quicker and more detailed scan of people as they pass through an area. Unlike non-contact thermometers, fever scanners have an array of thermal detectors constantly taking an average reading of the target area.


If you wish to purchase a fever scanner or have any questions in regards to our Fever scanner stations please contact us below.

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