The Hikvision IP Security Camera Solution is easy and secure to install.

It used to be that you needed an Ethernet cable as well as a power plug for the CCTV camera but with the PoE Hikvision NVR, you just need the Ethernet cable which will connect the Hikvision IP Security Camera to the Hikvision NVR.




It may be that you have an entry or exit that you want to be able to view from multiple angles the fisheye camera can solve that issue by giving you 180% view.  This means less cost on equipment and less time and money spent on labour.

Stores often have existing down lights or at least designated areas for these lights. Using a recessed-mount dome, these spaces can be utilized without any re-work or construction.



Once the camera is installed it can be difficult to adjust the focus but with a PT (pan-tilt) camera, you can control the direction of the lens with a mouse.




The Hikvision IP Security Camera Solution for easy connection.

Hikvision’s Easy IP solution offers Wi-Fi cameras, Wi-Fi NVRs, and PoE NVRs for easy connection. The system features automatic IP address allocation, auto-detection, auto connection, and easy access.



For analogue users, configuring the IP address forwarding can be a headache and may prevent them from choosing an IP solution. Hikvision’s PoE NVR solves that problem for you and also saves time for mass configuration.



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