Smart Security Alarm Systems are buzz words that simply mean that you can control your Security Alarm System from a mobile or laptop device.  We offer a wide variety of quality products designed for High End Residential and Small Business such as Alarms, CCTV Systems, Access Control & Intercom Systems.  Eclipse Security Systems has partnered with Risco Group to Supply and Install Smart Security such as Lightsys 2 (wired System) & Agility 3 (wireless System).  Risco Group were one of the first Smart Security Solutions available in Australia and Eclipse Security Systems was early to adopt the system as its Smart Alarm System Partner.

The Lightsys 2 is a wired smart security alarm system suitable for residential to small commercial businesses.  Being able to visually  verify an alarm on your smart phone or mobile device reduces response times & additional cost for patrols.  Once it is verified that it is not a false alarm, the police can be dispatched.

LightSYS 2 solution

Users can view real-time images taken inside their home or business with the purchase and installation of PIR camera detectors.  The systems can have up to 8-32 zones, and can use movement detectors, eyeWave camera sensors or vuPoint cameras and a wide range of additions such as window/door sensors, keypads & remote controls.

EyeWave camera sensors snap an image on detection and provide verification remotely when connected to the Cloud.  An message is sent via push notification to the user that the system has been activated and by logging in to the APP, you can view and control the system remotely. Users can also remote arm and disarm the system and check the status of the detectors as well as view a history of events.


Adding security surveillance is easy, there are indoor and outdoor IP cameras that can also be added to the system. Images are stored in the cloud and accessed with a login and password to your account, this means that even if the system is damaged or stolen you can access the images to identify the burglar.



The Agility™ 3 is a two-way Wireless Smart Security Alarm System and is an ideal security solution for residential and small commercial environments that may have difficulty installing cable or rental properties that have restrictions on installing a hard wired security system.

Agility3 Solution (1)

Eclipse Security Systems Installers are Risco Certified and experts in the Risco Group range of product, our technicians will provide ongoing support and system maintenance and service.  We recommend connecting to our control room for  24/7 monitoring of your security alarm which will action events as instructed. Our Technical Solutions Consultants can advise on the best system suited to your specific needs and environment, whether residential or business they will tailor the security solution to your budget.

If you would like to find out more about the Risco Smart Security Alarm Systems, complete the form below and a Technical Solutions Consultant will call you within 24 hours or Call Us Now!  1300 661199

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