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Hotel Access Control

Hotels have been required to evaluate and ensure that they provide the level of safety and security that their clients expect without impacting on their experience.  Travelling to an unfamiliar country can make people feel extra sensitive and concerned about their safety and security. The often large volume of people passing through hotels requires a security solution that can be monitored and managed from a central area.  Integrated security systems with elements of Access Control, CCTV, Fire Detection and possibly Climate Control would often be most suitable.  Systems that can be scalable according to the number of guests and the area of the facility should also be considered.

Eclipse Security Systems are proud to be able to provide a wide range of systems, suited to the hospitality facility from boutique hotels and serviced apartment to large hotels and conference facilities.

Access Control in Hotels

An access control system such as AElement will provide guests with peace of mind that they and their belongings are secure when in their rooms.  The elegant door hardware looks sophisticated, guests will love it.  Hoteliers can monitor access if required and instantly remove credentials should a guest lose their access card or fob. Watch our video on AElement from Salto Systems.

CCTV Surveillance in Hotels

The Hospitality industry is required by law to have CCTV Surveillance installed in their facility so that they can monitor guests and provide police with footage should an incident occur.  CCTV footage can be viewed in real time or played back at a later date and with video analytics facial recognition, people counting as well as traffic flow and number plate recognition.   Eclipse Security Systems are can provide CCTV solutions such as IP CCTV, HD CCTV, video analytics as well as security maintenance plans to ensure that your security systems are maintained and working effectively at all times.

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