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pharmacy security

Pharmacies are notorious for being a lucrative target for burglary. The drugs kept on-site can be sold on the streets for a high price and unmanned after hours can make them a preferred business to target.

All entry and exits should be made secure. Window and door reeds, as well as motion detectors linked into the alarm system, will set the alarm off if disturbed. The alarm will act as a deterrent for the burglar but won’t stop them from trying to gain access. Programming the alarm to alert our 24/7 alarm monitoring control room will ensure that the alarm activation is not just a noise that disturbs the neighbourhood. By linking the alarm system to the control room the person that receives the message will call a list of after hour’s contacts and upon instruction, a patrol car can be dispatched.

It is advisable to install a CCTV System which can be remotely accessed via a mobile device or computer. The images can verify that there is someone on premise that should not be there. By being able to verify your alarm, the emergency services will attend. The CCTV will assist with identifying the intruder as well as shoplifters during business hours.

To secure the drugs held on site your pharmacy may have a room where these items are stored, an access control system can provide access to only those authorised to enter and provide monitoring reports should the business owner need to monitor access at any time.

Pharmacies tend to stock small, high priced items that are attractive to shoplifters your CCTV system can provide you with footage which can be viewed in real time or recorded to view at the end of the day. Business owners need to constantly monitor staff activity and protect themselves from OH&S claims. Security Camera Systems can become a very valuable asset to your business.

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