Eclipse Security Systems has a full range of Intercom systems which can be linked to an Access Control Systems to not only make your life easier but provide you and your family with added security in your home.

Intercom Systems can be used to provide access to a property by the homeowner or someone in the house who has released the door lock (on the monitor or handset) which is normally located in a central area. If the system is a video intercom the person allowing access is also able to view and talk to the person at the entry point.

We have a wide range of systems that have been designed to meet your needs. We can install the system for you or supply the system for your builder or electrician to install for you. A range of our most popular video intercoms are on display at our showroom or please visit our online store to view our full range of products and purchase your system online or by calling us.

Access Control

Acess Control equipments

Access Control systems can be installed either at the gate of your property or at the front door to allow access using swipe card, key pad or remote control eliminating the need to carry around house keys or leaving keys out that can be used by anyone. The system can easily be programmed with user codes that can be deleted or changed at any time and provide you and your family with added security and convenience of accessing your home without a key.

Keypad Key fob Access Card