Eclipse Security Systems have been installing home security systems since it’s inception in 2000.  Regarded as a leader in Commercial Security Solutions Melbourne, Residential Home Security is still a large part of our business.  Providing high quality security products to Homeowners and Residential Builders across Melbourne, with ongoing service and maintenance after the installation.  The Home Security packages can be tailored to your needs and consist of the following Systems & Service:

Home Alarm System

Home Alarm Systems are a cost effective way of alert you that there is an intruder on your property and that it is under threat.

Intruder alarms are used as a highly effective deterrent,  should unauthorised personnel persist, the alarms will be activated which often will result in minimal damage or lose.  Conventional alarms are just a noise and although, an effective deterrent. They can be irritating to neighbours when not connected to our central monitoring centre.  We recommend that if you have an alarm already fitted that you connect it to our A1 monitoring control room.  On activation the control room will notify you or follow instructions given and can dispatch a patrol car on request. To find out more about this service, click here.

If you are considering installing a NEW Security Alarm into your property for the first time, Eclipse Security can provide you with the latest technology in home security systems.

Today’s  Security Alarm Systems provide homeowners with the ability to control their Security Alarm via their smart devices as well as receiving push notifications and image verification when the alarm is triggered.  The systems are much more flexible and provide homeowners with options to upgrade your system by adding indoor and outdoor security cameras for surveillance purposes.  Other add on’s are a variety of detectors, (including pet detectors), sounders, magnetic contracts, as well as other safety accessories which safeguard from smoke, flood and gas.

By being able to verify your alarm activation, police will attend on request.  Without verification of your security alarm, the police are instructed not to attend until verified.  We do recommend that all Security Alarms should also be monitored through our central control room for added security and support 24/7 should a break in occur.  If you would like to know more about the Home Alarm Systems we supply & install call us or complete the form to: Get a Quote!

24/7 Alarm Monitoring

Eclipse Security Systems offers the highest grade 24 Hour Alarm Monitoring with a Grade A1 Control Room.  Our Security Consultants will provide information on our Alarm Monitoring service with all alarms installed by us but if you already have an alarm installed it can be connected to our Monitoring Control Room at any time.  To find out more and see our 24 Hour Monitored Alarm Packages click on the link provided below.

Click here for details of our: 24 Hour Alarm Monitoring

Home CCTV System

CCTV Systems are becoming a popular request for homeowners as they can bring peace of mind and a relatively inexpensive way for you to protect what is important to you.  You can view what is going on around your home at anytime.

Security Camera technology has seen rapid advances in the last few years which has provided homeowners with better quality systems at a more affordable price.  Old technology is referred to as Analogue Camera System which would record footage onto a Digital Video Recorder(DVR) so that it can be played back and stored for viewing at a later time. These are still available and can be the cheapest option. We would always recommend buying the best you can afford as the technology changes rapidly.  The most common option for home owners is to install an (HD) High Definition Security Camera System as the images are better quality.  The latest technology is IP Cameras which requires an Network Video Recorder (NVR) to record high quality images and will also provide data analytics capabilities.

Home owners should consider teaming their Security Camera System with a detection alarm to have a very effective deterrent for burglars. Should a burglar attempt to break in, you will be able to provide images to the police and assist in the burglar’s arrest and the recovery of any items taken.

There are many things to consider when installing CCTV systems and we suggest that you seek professional advice on the systems available as there are very cheep systems that might not be suitable to your requirements and may end up costing you additional money and making your home more vulnerable.  Our Security Consultantcan provide you with obligation free advice today so give us a call!

Home Access Control System

Home Access Control is sometimes also referred to as Key-less Entry System as it is an RFID fob or Card which is swiped against a Reader to gain access.  Unlike a physical key, the access card is programmed to the Access Control System and can easily be removed or updated at anytime.  This ensures that your property is safe in your hands and there is no chance of someone copying your keys or if keys are lost there will be no need to replace all the locks to your home.

Home Intercom System

A lot of homes are safeguarding their privacy and property by putting in electric gates and high perimeter fences.  An intercom system can provide a safe way of viewing, communicate and being in-control of access to your property when visitors come to your property.

Home Security Systems Installation

The Installation of your Home Security Systems is in good hands with us.  All Eclipse Security Systems Consultants & Technicians are Licensed, Registered and Trained in the products that they provide advice or Install. Find out more about us