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The Latest Security News & Helpful Tips
Hotel Access Control


Hotels have been required to evaluate and ensure that they provide the level of safety and security that their clients expect without impacting on their experience.  Travelling to an unfamiliar country can make people feel extra sensitive and concerned about their safety and security. The often large volume of people passing through hotels requires a security solution that can be monitored and managed from a central area.  Integrated security systems with elements of Access Control, CCTV, Fire Detection and possibly

CCTV Surveillance Public Places

Parks & Public Places

Victoria State Government together with Local Councils & Victoria Police are putting the safety and security of the general public high on their agenda in 2019.  Increased State Budgets mean that Local Councils are upgrading public facilities such as Parks, Community Buildings & Sports Facilities, some of these upgrades will include improving the Security for these facilities with CCTV Surveillance  in Public Places across that state.  Victoria Police has increased budgets for it’s Police Force & Crime Prevention Officers as

school security

School Security Systems

Pressures to Improve School Security. There is enormous responsibility and increasing pressure on Principles and Facility Managers to ensure the School Security, Safety of Staff and Students within their Schools is a priority.  Eclipse Security Systems is focused on protecting staff and students with a quality and well planned School Security System Solution. Ensuring School Security Systems are simple to use in a central location and provides peace of mind for staff and students. Eclipse Security Systems have been installing and

Industrial Security Systems

Industrial & Manufacturing

Industrial and Manufacturing Facilities are often complex and require a detailed security solution that addresses many aspects of a businesses protection.  A quality, reliable and well planned security system can be the difference between success and failure for a business and compromise the safety of staff. Eclipse Security Systems believes in getting to know the individual needs and challenges of it’s clients and developing a solution to fit their needs.  Manufacturing & Industrial Security often needs to monitor access to the

Hospital Medical Security

Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities

Nowhere is a well designed, fully operational security system more important than in a hospital & healthcare facilities. There are many reasons for this including the fact that large quantities of drugs are stored, expensive medical equipment and the valuable, sick people & infants spending their first few days of life. Security is of the utmost importance for these reasons and several others, and the fact that most hospitals are very large, extremely complex buildings makes the need for an excellent

pharmacy security


Pharmacies are notorious for being a lucrative target for burglary. The drugs kept on-site can be sold on the streets for a high price and unmanned after hours can make them a preferred business to target. All entry and exits should be made secure. Window and door reeds, as well as motion detectors linked into the alarm system, will set the alarm off if disturbed. The alarm will act as a deterrent for the burglar but won’t stop them from trying

Security for Bars, Clubs

Pubs & Clubs

Pubs, Clubs, Gaming and Liquor stores should have a CCTV system installed to ensure the security of staff and patrons. In most local council’s it is a legal requirement to have CCTV cameras installed if you have a liquor and music licence. Venue owner or manager should contact their local council to ensure they know their obligations. Pubs and Clubs can be challenging venues when installing security camera systems as they are often dimly

Retail Security Systems

Retail & Small Business

The sad fact is that Retail Businesses on our high streets are not just attracting shoppers; you also get to entice the bad elements of society so it is important to have retail security systems in place. Burglars are everywhere and you may not notice them, looking around your retail store. Some may have been inside, bought a small item and may have even chatted you up. And because you have no idea which among your clients is a burglar, it