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Security Brands

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Hikvision Security Brand

HIKVISION security brand is the world’s largest supplier of video surveillance products and solutions. The company specializes in video surveillance technology, as well as designing and manufacturing a full-line of innovative CCTV and video surveillance products.

Hikvision product line ranges from cameras and DVRs to video management software. Since its inception in 2001, Hikvision has quickly achieved a leading worldwide market position in the security industry.

Hills Electronic Security Brand

HILLS Security, a division of Hills Holdings of Australia, market an extensive range of electronic security products. Hills Electronic Security is New Zealand’s largest importer and distributor of electronic security equipment.

Hills security products range from simple domestic alarm systems up to a complex integrated surveillance system and fiber optic networks used in commercial and industrial applications. Hills Electronic Security represent a number of the world’s leading security companies and have achieved a market-leading position in the security industry industry through their superior customer service, convenient locations and constant flow of new technological products.

ICT Protege Security Brand

ICT – Integrated Control Technology, is a world leading manufacturer of innovative and superior integrated electronic access control and security solutions that enable organizations to protect their people, operations and information.

Integrated Control Technology focuses on developing products that enable organizations to effectively protect and manage their people, property and assets by maximizing IT and infrastructure investments. Their flagship integrated security platform, Protege, seamlessly integrates a full suite of security management functions and technologies using an open architecture design.

Interlogix Security System

INTERLOGIX, formerly known as UTC Fire & Security affirms a long-standing commitment to market-leading brands including GE, IFS and Guardall/VEREX.

Interlogix have provided fire safety and security solutions to more than one million customers worldwide. Interlogix don’t believe in just selling security equipment, they believe in providing proven technological solutions that help customers meet the growing security and life safety demands of their business. Interlogix leverage their technology and their people to provide the client with the right solution.

Inner Range Security Brand

INNER RANGE are world leaders in the design and manufacture of state of the art access control and security solutions. Since our inception in 1988, over 100,000 Inner Range systems have been installed in over thirty countries. Consultants who specify our products, technicians who install them and people who use them, benefit daily from the remarkable versatility of Inner Range systems.

Inner Range is strongly committed to creating the best security and access control products through continuous investment in research and development. The resulting dividend for you is a range of products that will manage your facilities more reliably, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Honeywell Security Brand

As industry pioneers, HONEYWELL has developed many of the groundbreaking advances that have shaped today’s residential and commercial security systems.

They made systems easier to install and to use, developed the industry’s most reliable supervised wireless products and the most flexible hybrid control panels on the market. They are also on the forefront of advancements in IP surveillance systems providing customers the most advanced and compliant IP security solutions to keep pace with latest industry’s standard.

Mobotix Security Vision Systems

MOBOTIX is the only network camera manufacturer to date that is capable of storing smooth high-resolution video streams with 1536 lines instead of the usual 288, including sound. The new technology isn’t just more powerful in all areas, it also has two decisive advantages: it is more cost-effective than traditional CCTV video technology and more multi-functional thanks to its integrated computer and network connection.

Ness Business Security Brand

NESS Corporation are manufacturers and wholesalers of award winning Australian designed security products and has celebrated over 40 years of local security products design and manufacturing.

Ness now boasts a national staff count in excess of 150 personnel with the bulk of its staff concentrated at its head office site in Seven Hills. To the benefit of its customers, Ness continues to invest in high cost automation to remain at the forefront of technology and competitive in the marketplace, quietly achieving the goals of its founder and managing director Naz Circosta.

Salto Access Control security brand

From its inception in 2001, SALTO was created with one objective: to devise a world-class access control system that was simple to use and extremely efficient, giving users the ability to control all their access needs and secure all their doors without complex and expensive wiring. Such a solution had to be simple to install and set up, cost-effective, reliable, complete and future-proof. What resulted was our pioneering SVN platform — the first stand-alone, battery-powered electronic locks for access control.

Having revolutionized access control around the world in sectors where security is critical — from airports and healthcare to government education and hotels — we continue to deliver the most advanced and flexible electronic locking solutions on the market.

Rosslare Security Products

ROSSLARE offers a versatile collection of access control products and accessories, providing a complete range of commercial and industrial security and control solutions. Their vast range of products include harsh environment and all weather systems, biometric intergrated readers, contempory and innovative smartcard solutions as well as other state-of –the-art features including convertible ans secured readers/controllers, video enabled access control panels as well as other networked and stand-alone readers, controllers and accessories.

Rosslare takes pride in its international reputation, holding itself to the highest standards of quality and customer service.

Samsung Security

Samsung Techwin is a leading supplier of advanced video surveillance solutions for IP-video, analog and hybrid systems. Building on the company’s history of innovation, Samsung Techwin is dedicated to providing systems solutions with the highest levels of performance, reliability and cost-efficiency.

Samsung Electronics sold the holding stake in its security division, Samsung Techwin, to South Korean conglomerate Hanwha Group in 2014.

Videofied Security Brand

VIDEOFIED was developed by RSI Video Technologies and is an innovative wireless self-powered alarm with built in Video Verification for priority police/guard/user response. The system has been designed as a solution to resolve security problems for commercial, residential and government applications.

The patented Videofied alarm products are installed across the world – Europe, Africa, North America, Asia and Australia. Engineering of Videofied products is based in Strasbourg, France where the team has been developing low-powered radio solutions for commercial and government applications for over 20 years.

RSI Technologies has recently been acquired by Honywell, find out more: Honeywell Acquire RSI Technologies – Videofied for approx $123 Million

Abloy Security Brand

ABLOY’s unique high-security locking products have been designed to withstand the harshest of environments, whilst retaining versatility and adaptability.

The brand’s impressive range of specialist locking systems is based on a unique rotating disk locking mechanism, providing enhanced master-keying possibilities and superior resistance to corrosion, manipulation and attack.

The ABLOY brand is a popular choice for heavy duty and high-end commercial applications which demand superior levels of protection.

AXIS Communications security

AXIS is the market leader in network video and a driving force behind the shift from analogue to digital video surveillance, which paves the way for a more secure, smarter and safer world. Offering network video solutions for professional installations, Axis’ products and solutions are based on an innovative, open technology platform.

Axis has more than 1,400 dedicated employees in more than 40 locations around the world and cooperates with partners covering 179 countries. Founded in 1984, Axis is a Sweden-based IT company listed on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm under the ticker AXIS.

Bosch Security brand

Robert Bosch recognized the potential of globalization early on, and succeeded in leading a small workshop from Swabia, Germany to become a global group.

Internationality is our company’s strength with cultural variety being one of the pillars of our Bosch values. As a global group, Bosch produces goods worldwide, and their demand for quality is equally high in every location. Bosch is always Bosch, wherever it may be: their standards are international.

Many people choose Bosch Security products because it is a brand that they know and trust.

FSH Locking Security Brand

FSH LOCKING is an Australian owned company specializing in unique Electric and Electronic Locking Solutions. Their mission is to provide to the security industry state-of-the-art electric and electronic locking devices of quality & performance second to none, at a price competitive.

Through many years of improvement and innovation their product range has gained many international approvals and certificates from recognised Committees and Standard Testing Laboratories such as CSIRO, UL, ULC and FIRTO. They have also registered more than 20 international patents on devices. Advanced technology, unique manufacturing skills and superior quality have enabled their devices to be specified and installed in major landmark construction projects worldwide.

Paradox Security Alarms security brand

PARADOX is committed to quality as a basic business principle. They believe is providing customers with innovative products and services that satisfy requirements or exceed their expectations.

Their Goal is to provide total customer satisfaction by ensuring that products are: Reliable, Free from defects & competitively priced. Since 1989, these goals have driven the development of revolutionary products.

Risco Group Wireless Security

RISCO Group produce high quality, smart and reliable security products for every type of security installation. From intrusion alarm systems for residential and commercial installations. Their products include a full range of accessories, to large scale access control and integrated security and building management platforms. Risco Group aspire to provide customers with a plethora of top of the line security management solutions.

Risco are our first choice in intrusion Alarm Systems