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What are Cloud Based Security Systems?

///What are Cloud Based Security Systems?

Cloud Security SystemsIf you are considering an upgrade or installing a new Security System into your home or business you need to consider if cloud based security is right for you.

The buzz word in the security industry at the moment is “cloud based security systems”.Cloud Security Systems

So what are cloud based security systems and how can it benefit you?

The “cloud” is typically when a service provider gives access to software via a virtual server. The user accesses the software by logging in over the internet. The software is maintained and secured by the provider and requires no updates.

The benefit of information and hardware being kept off site is that if there is a fire or a burglar vandalises or removes the security system when there is a break in, the information captured by the system can still be accessed. There is a cost saving, as the user does not have to purchase expensive hardware to store the information on site and no cost to service the hardware.

Whether you are a home owner or a business owner, you can benefit from cloud based security systems. Another advantage and the thing we most love about cloud based security systems is that we can assist our clients remotely in a lot of cases, and the systems can be managed largely by the client from anywhere in the world, just so long as there is an internet connection.

Eclipse Security Systems specialises in Cloud Based Security Systems such as Clay by Salto which is an Cloud Based Access Control System for small to medium sized businesses, also Security Alarms from Risco Group which have Image Verification via a Cloud Server.

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