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Risco Group Australia – Smart Security Systems

///Risco Group Australia – Smart Security Systems

RISCO Group Australia, offers a wide variety of Security Systems tailored to Commercial, Small business and  Residential markets, along with the 3 main Security Solution Categories Risco Group provide a range of high quality devices such as Detectors and Cameras ect, that can be added to customize the Security System to the premises and needs of the premises owner.

Agility 3


The Agility™ 3 is  a two-way wireless security system it is an ideal security solution for home or Small Business environments.  The users visual verification which works in conjunction with our Smartphone App (also available as a web app for PC), making it convenient and allowing for a quicker response from the  user or (monitoring control center) to notify the police.Risco_Agility

Users can view real-time images taken inside their Business when the alarm is activated.  Images are taken via the PIR camera detectors which are included with a standard kit as shown in the image. The Smart Phone App can be used to control the system remotely including remote arming and disarming of the system, checking the status of the detectors as well as viewing a history of events.

Images are stored in the cloud and accessed with a login and password to your account, this means that even if the system is stolen you can access the images.


Lightsys 2

LightSYS 2 Security System

The Lightsys 2 is a wired security systems suitable for home or Small Business environments.   Business might prefer this as a solution as it is more reliable, however the additional cost of installing cables can be a factor in the decision making process.   The Lightsys systems is our best selling Security Alarm Systems.  It can have 8-32 zones and like the Agility can use movement detectors or eyeWave camera sensors which snap an image on detection and provide verification remotely when connected to Risco Group cloud.



Upgrading your Risco Security System


There is a wide range of additions that can be added to upgrade your Risco Security System, such as window/door sensors, keypads & remote controls.  These can be added at anytime however it is always a cost saving when they are fitted on initial installation.

Upgrading your Alarm System to include VU Point.  VU Point are Surveillance Cameras that can be added to your Security Alarm Systems to provide real time monitoring of your Melbourne Business. Find out more: VU Point Camera

Why should you choose Eclipse Security Systems?

Eclipse Security Systems are leaders in the field of Commercial Business Security, we have been in operation for over 17 years and worked with Melbourne Businesses & Home Owners to provide Security Solutions that fit security objective and budget.  From New Build to Existing Home or Business Premises, we have a security solution to fit your needs.  Our Technicians are fully Licensed, Certified and Trained in all systems we install.  You can rest assured that your Security System has been installed by a reputable company that will provide ongoing support.

What do you need to do now?

Complete the form below and one of our Security Consultants will call to discuss your requirements and details of your premises.  A quote will be sent shortly after your meeting and a follow up call to answer any questions and confirm that the security system addresses all your security concerns.  If you would like to speak to someone now call our office on 1300 661199.

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