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Is GPRS alarm monitoring better than Standard dialler monitoring?

///Is GPRS alarm monitoring better than Standard dialler monitoring?
Security Alarm Monitoring

With the rollout of NBN and more and more people switching from landlines to mobile or VOIP communication, GPRS Alarm Monitoring is becoming more popular. Why should you consider GPRS rather than standard dialler monitoring?  Here are some of the benefits of GPRS.

  • GPRS is a wireless connection to your alarm system and therefore reduces the risk of a burglar disconnecting your alarm system.
  • With business and homeowners steering away from landlines in favour of mobile phones & VOIP alarm monitoring needs to be wireless.
  • GPRS is the preference within the security industry as there are no ongoing phone fees, you will just pay your set monitoring fee all calls are included.
  • With NBN currently being rolled out across Victoria. If you have a GPRS monitored alarm you do not need to worry as it is not using a phone line to communicate with the monitoring control room.  Therefore your alarm will not be affected.
  • GPRS units cannot be interfered with by a potential intruder from outside. The alarm would be activated before a burglar could compromise the security alarm.
  • GPRS units are very competitively priced and easy to install and connect to our A1 Grade central control room.

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