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Check who is at the door with a Video Intercom System

///Check who is at the door with a Video Intercom System

Video intercom Systems allow you to check who is at your door before answering…… make sure you don’t answer the door to Freddy Cruger this Halloween.  Having an extra level of security can provide peace of mind for you and your family as well as providing convenience for staff members when an intercom system is installed in a business.

Installing an intercom is simple to do when a house or business premises is under construction so it is advisable to pre wire for an intercom system, even if you are not sure if you are going to have a system fitted straight away.  Cables can be run at the same time as your alarm system to save time and money long term.  Intercoms can be installed in existing homes or business premises, although it can be tricky running cables in older homes so a site assessment may be required.

The intercom system can be wired to an electronic locks so that you can release the doors once you have identified who is there.  If there is a gate to access your property this can also be controlled from the intercom monitor.

Generally the video monitor is located in a central location such as the kitchen or family living area in a home or at reception in a business.  The door station/camera is located at the entry door enabling you to view who is there.  Additional cameras and monitors can be added to the system for convenience.

If you are installing an intercom system in a business multiple monitors can also be used as internal intercoms saving staff time walking from office to office or should a courier arrive with a delivery the receptionist can monitor and provide access to the delivery point without leaving their desk. Additional CCTV cameras can be added to the system should additional coverage be required for monitor purposes.

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