Hikvision are global leaders in CCTV Surveillance Systems, the 4K Ultra HD CCTV Cameras are the latest Security Camera Technology to be released.

The 4K Ultra High Definition System features, Hikvisons’ H.264+ Smart Codec, which reduces bandwidth and storage by 50% while maximizing video resolution with its high-compression technology.  It is a true Ultra High Definition CCTV System that is ideally suited to City Surveillance, Stadiums, Parking lots, and Crowd Management scenarios where clear, high-resolution images and smart surveillance of large areas are required.

Hikvision 4K Bullet Camera

H.264+ Smart Codec

With the growing concern for the burden placed on the transmission system and storage , Hikvision has released the 4K Total System, which incorporates H.264+ optimized compression to allow users to more efficiently manage ultra-high definition video footage. Features such as background-based predictive smart encoding, enhanced noise suppression, and optimized bitrate control, Hikvision’s H.264+ compression saves bandwidth resources and decreases storage requirements.

4K Output 

Hikvision 4K NVRs support the HDMI 2.0 output interface which allows users to monitor, record and playback and display in 4K ultra-high-resolution.

Ultra-High Definition = Ultra-High Quality Analytics

Included in the Hikvision 4K range, are IP dome, bullet and box cameras along with a variety of 4K NVR’s which together delivers Ultra-High Definition (UHD) images in real time.

The high quality images also improve video analytics performance, particularly in scenes covering large areas. Limited resolution has hindered video analysis in the past, but now the additional pixels in 4K technology allow for better resolution and improved image enhancement, which in turn allow for more accuracy and quality of video analysis and better value for users.

Smart Features

Hikvision Smart CCTV Systems put intelligence, efficiency, and ease-of-use at the heart of the 4K state-of-the-art video surveillance range. SMART technologies include face detection, intrusion detection, line crossing detection, and smart focus. Smart tracking capability enables the cameras to detect any progressively moving object and follow it within the camera’s area of coverage, while Smart video analytics includes region enter/exit, object left behind/object removed, and more.

The Complete Hikvison 4K Range:

DS-2DF6836-AEL 4K Ultra-Low Light Smart IP Network PTZ Dome Camera

DS-2DF8836I-AEL(W) 4K Ultra-Low Light Smart IP Network IR PTZ Dome Camera

DS-2CD4085F-(A)(P) 8MP Smart IP Box Camera

DS-2CD4685F-IZ (S)(H) 8MP Smart IP IR Bullet Camera

DS-2CD4A85F-IZ (S)(H) 8MP Smart IP IR Bullet Camera

DS-2CD4185F-IZ 8MP Smart IP Indoor Dome Camera

DS-2CD4585F-IZ (H) 8MP Smart IP Outdoor Dome Camera

DS-9600NI-H8 4K NVR

DS-7604/08/16NI-I2(/4P)(/8P) 4K NVR with 12 Mega-pixel UHD support

DS-7716/32NI-I4(/16P) 4K NVR with 12 Mega-pixel UHD support

DS-9632/64NI-I8 4K NVR with 12 Mega-pixel UHD support

If you would like to get a quote for the Hikvision 4K Ultra High Definition Range of Products, please complete the form below and a Security Solutions Consultant will contact you with 24 hours.

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