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Victoria Small Business Festival

///Victoria Small Business Festival
Victoria Small Business Festival

Eclipse Security Systems Team Members have just taken part in some of the events at the Victoria Small Business Festival and listened to some Small Business Owners talk about their businesses.

We all face challenges each day in running our small businesses and it’s really good to meet others and hear about their challenges and how they have faced and the lessons that they have learnt along the way. There are some pretty amazing businesses in Victoria and attending Festivals like this is a great way to meet the people behind the business and learn new skills.

The Victorian Small Business Festival runs from 1–31 August each year and has lots of low-cost and free events throughout Melbourne and regional Victoria. Events cover topics such as business planning, marketing, social media and financial management.

The event is currently taking place and there are events all across Vicotria for you to take part in. If would like to see the events go on to their website below you can also register so that you get the notification and a program next year!  Go To: The Victoria Small Business Festival website

If you are thinking about starting or growing your business in Victoria we recommend you check out the Business Victoria government website for all the information that you will need for your Industry.  We also recommend making contact with the local council in the location of your business. They can give you information on demographic and statistics as well as other very useful information about the local area and considerations you should know about.

Eclipse Security Systems provide Security advice and solutions to Businesses across Victoria, each year our team go along to the Small Business Festival so that we can connect and learn about other small businesses.  You can find out more about our Small Business here: Eclipse Security Systems.