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Choosing DIY or Professional Security System Installation.

///Choosing DIY or Professional Security System Installation.

This article will help you to way up the pros and cons when deciding whether to purchase a Professional Security System Installation or go with a DIY Security System Installation.

Before we get stuck in, whichever way you go, if you are a Small Business remember that we are fast approaching the EFY and Small Businesses can take advantage of the Instant Asset Tax – write off.  You will need to have your security system installed and functioning prior to the 30 June 2019 deadline so that you can get the benefit this year. I mention this before weighing up the pros and cons as it can have a big cost saving and impact on your decision and the investment you make on your Business Security.

When deciding whether to purchase a Professional Security System Installation or a DIY Security System Installation, the first consideration should be how important is your security to you or your business.  Is there a high risk and it going to jeopardize or compromise your business by not having it?  What are the potential costs or impact of having your business broken into and business assets stolen or if there is a fire or an OH&S incident will you be able to provide evidence for your insurance claim? Calculating the risks is an important part of accessing your Security investment.

Here is a list of our top 5 Risk Considerations

  1. Employees OH&S
  2. Disruption to Business
  3. Loss of Earning
  4. Loss of Stock & Assets
  5. Job Loss

The biggest pro for Professional Security System Installation is the expert advise they bring to the project from design to installation, knowledge of the product and what will be required to meet your needs.  The biggest pro for the DIY security systems, is without a doubt the lower upfront cost.

It can be overwhelming finding a Professional Security Company that is Licensed and you can trust.  If you are a new business or been in premises that already have an Alarm SystemCCTV System or Access Control Systems. it may be the first time you have gone through the process of Installing Security Systems in a business that is tailored to your business premises and needs.

Your chosen Professional Security Company, should be able to provide ongoing maintenance, service and support for your Security Systems Installed, as well as 24/7 Security Monitoring Service.

Choosing a Professional Security Company that is your partner in business and knows your business and its security requirements will save time and money in the ongoing service and management of the security systems long term and the ability to expand easily as your business does.

Asking the right questions is important to ensure that your Security Solutions Consultant will create a Security Solution which can solve security issues and concerns in the most efficient way and plan for your Businesses future growth.

We have talked a lot about all the benefits of Professional Security System Installation, we are experts in the field of Security System Installation across many Industries.  There is a place in the market for DIY Security System installation and this is simply determined by budget. Our Professionally installed CCTV systems start at $2500 so if you do not have this kind of budget then a DIY System is for you.

When you install a DIY Security System you will save money on installation fees, however, you will need the technical ability to install, troubleshoot and do any necessary programming. There is no Installation warranty so it can be costly to fix issues if the system is not working correctly.  DIY kits are often sold with the residential market in mind who may want to monitor a pet or get a notification that there is motion.  We would recommend our Smart Alarm systems for a cost-effective security system.  These have motion cameras that provide verification and alert you of an intrusion.  DIY CCTV Systems are not adequate for most businesses as you will not get clear images for identification or convict a criminal.  It may be the only option for start up businesses but we recommend budgeting for a Professional Security Solution within 1-2 years.

Professional Security System Installation

  • Design – Having a professionally designed Security System tailored to your Business.
  • Licensed Installers – Industry Licensed, Asial Member & Product Certified (Reduced Insurance Policy)
  • Security Partner –  Professional Security Company that knows your business security needs and Systems Installed.  Keeps you informed of New products.
  • Product & Installation Warranty – If anything goes wrong within the Warranty period, a product is fixed or replaced at no charge.
  • Ongoing Service and Support – 24/7 Monitoring (optional) Provide ongoing Security Systems Service and Support.
  • Product supplied by a Professional Security Installations Company will be fit for purpose.
  • Schedule Site Inspection – This is a free service for established businesses.  Developments/Businesses Under Construction can submitted plans for assessment and a quote provided, email plans to: sales@eclipsesecurity.com.au

DIY Security System Installation

  • Low up front cost.
  • Install it yourself
  • Limited Support and no training on the System
  • System may not meet your needs or expectations
  • Manufacturer Warranty Only (warranty will be void if the product is damaged when installing)
  • Service may take longer and be more costly as the technician may not be familiar with the system.


When Businesses & Home Owners are considering installing Security Systems it is, to protect the assets and people that are important to them.  Business success and growth can be managed better when you can keep an eye on things from anywhere and to give peace of mind.

Our team of Security Consultants get many calls from clients who have purchased DIY Security Systems from eBay and other online, (non-Security Specialist) stores.  The general feed back when they come to us is that they need to replace it within a year as it is not as good as they thought it would be or they never used it because they didn’t have any training or support.

The above information is based on our experience and the services Eclipse Security Systems provide.  Our Technicians & Installers are Licensed, Certified & Trained by Product Manufacturers. We are also Members of Asial – Security Industry Association.

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