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New technology 960H DVR CCTV system

///New technology 960H DVR CCTV system

Do you need more image clarity from your CCTV system? 960H is the new analog technology allowing cameras and DVRs to capture up to 700TVL, the highest TVL available to date, 960H represents the number of horizontal pixels in the CCD image sensor. 960H is a great solution for those that are not quite ready to take the plunge and upgrade their whole system to IP technology.

960H is the highest resolution available for analog CCTV and provides a 30% increase in resolution in comparison to D1. The greater the resolution, the higher the definition of the video image. 960H enables the CCTV camera to obtain high resolutions of up to 700 TVL. A 960H DVR must complement the 960H camera to realize the high resolution video.

With previous D1 DVRs, although you may have a 650TVL analog camera, you can only record at D1 resolution which can clearly discern only up to 540TVL. With the new 960H DVR, not only can it capture high-resolution 700TVL cameras, but it can also enhance the recording quality of the existing cameras as its full resolution of up to 700TVL will be realized.

Some of the key points of 960H

  • an increase in the number of pixels of nearly 30% resulting in significantly enhanced picture detail
  • 700TVL highest resolution currently available in Analog
  • Backward compatible with D1 cameras and DVRs
  • Easily replaces existing analog installations
  • Cost increase is minimal (5% to 10%)