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The Benefits of Retail CCTV Intelligence

///The Benefits of Retail CCTV Intelligence

Retail CCTV systems are moving quickly into a new era of smarter Retail CCTV intelligence and data-driven solutions for Retail Store Owners.

Retail Businesses can now benefit from the added features of a Hikvision Retail CCTV intelligence solution, to improve and drive their business profits in the future. Collecting data/information about the people who enter your Retail Store is no longer only possible for online stores. Hikvison Security Cameras can monitor and collect information about shoppers so that information can be analysed and retailers can identify who is shopping in their stores, popular products and even areas of the store which have the most foot traffic via heat mapping.

If you have a Retail Business watch the video to see the Benefits CCTV systems can provide Retail Store Owners.

Improving Management Efficiency, provides intelligence reports for POS, People Counting, Heat Mapping and Facial Recognition.  This allows Retailers to make more informed decisions within their business.

CCTV systems are no longer just for monitoring shoppers for security reasons, which is still highly important.  Shoplifting is one of the biggest profit loses retailers can suffer.  By adding this intelligence to CCTV, Hikvision has just made CCTV more valuable than ever to Retailers.

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Hikvision is the world’s leading supplier of video surveillance solutions. Featuring the industry’s strongest R&D workforce, Hikvision uses its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities to design and develop innovative CCTV cameras and video surveillance products for any security need. Find out more: About Hikvision 

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